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Compact Anion Car Air Cleaner
The socket-type air purifier from AIRVITA Co. features an ultra-small size yet powerful operation. AIRVITA can be conveniently used by connecting it to ceiling or lighting sockets, as well as, with incandescent bulbs. The small but powerful air purifier releases negative ions and purifies indoor air when the light is turned on. It has a built-in illumination system.

Basic Navigation
Kiryung Electronics’ main product WOWNAVI KCNS100 features a 24-bit color JPEG album and photo slideshow, etc. In addition, it also provides 18 kinds of safe driving information applications, including supporting of unmanned surveillance cameras.


Rear View System Monitor

Compact Black Box System
A Korean company, EyeCar Network, was bold enough to stand up to a difficult and somewhat impossible task: giving “eyesight” to cars, which will not only help analyze and identify the causes of accidents but also expand a driver’s visibility for safer driving.

Safety equipment

EL Lighting Safety Vest, Light Line
We Guarantee Your Safety!

Crash Cushion
Impact Black Hole’s Tensile Wire Fracture Toughness (TWFT) crash cushion is a new tension type collision shock absorption system. It uses tensile forces of stainless springs to absorb and eliminate collision impacts.
This system provides much softer and more reliable shock absorbing capability compared to conventional pressure type shock absorbent system. Its stainless wires absorb kinetic energy, minimizing rejection force while plastic deformation occurs.
Isolation Tape
Beltech Korea will always be with customers' Happiness

-Cotton Rubber Isolation Tape
-Rubber Isolation Tape
Auto Insertion Machine
AI-03(3-head automatic inseter) is a special insertion machine for realizing better automatic insertion.
It is possible to control the Iocation in high precision with the application of a vision system, and it realized remarkable speed and precise control with the application of a 4-wheel monolithic CAM system.
Exhaust Equipment
Specialized in exhaust system, JUNB.L. CO., LTD. makes efforts in order to enhance reliance from its customers and supply best products and service based upon our technology principle 'High technology is our finance, reputation and power.' The ultimate goal of JUNB.L CO., LTD. is to be remembered as one of the companies in the history of a car contributing to motor sports and tuning culture space. In return for our customers' affectionate concern for JUNB.L, we will show advanced technology and better quality.
HD Car Black Box
GeoCross’s VD-4000, a high-definition car black box, is widely adapted to those who have a keen interest in safe driving. Recording processing automatically starts when the driver starts up the car engine, booting the main system of the product. Recording and storing continue until the car’s engine stops.
Retro-reflective Sheeting Product
Miraenanotech, an expert in the production of display component materials, has also recently proudly unveiled several kinds of retro-reflective sheeting product series including its RS-3000 series.
Auto Insertion Machine
Eco-friendly Parts Washer
The eco-friendly automotive parts washer employs a non-open type washing method for blocking the movement of the harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere, thereby contributing to not only a significant decrease of air pollution, but also the protection of workers from various kinds of hazardous substances generated in the process.
HMS has recently released its Roadmemory HDR-800 premium package, a black box for vehicles that can monitor parking lots for observing the status of the lots. Once the power cable supplied with Roadmemory is connected to the vehicle battery, the model can record and store images from the scene acquiring even in off-status of the vehicles as well as in running mode.
Thinkware has released two premium three-dimensional navigation models — I-Navi Ready R100 (7 inch) and I-Navi Ready R100 (8inch), respectively. The newly unveiled models are basically equipped with 1 GHz CPU and 512MB memory the first of their kind in the nation, thereby demonstrating fast processing speed and powerful multimedia capability.
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