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Overview of Maekyung BuyersGuide Corp.

Maekyung BuyersGuide Corp.'s Korea BuyersGuide, an overseas publicity/marketing magazine for Korean merchandise, has proudly contributed to export expansion of South Korea for more than 30 years since January 1974.

BuyersGuide has been selected by the Small and Medium Business Administration as an agency to carry out assistance programs for export-oriented small-and medium-sized companies in such areas as marketing, advertising and translation.

Maekyung BuyersGuide Corp. will continue to make efforts to provide better service to its customers, with particular emphasis given to export promotion of Korean products.


2006.07Started webzine/e-newsletter services

2004.01Started business periodical publication services

2003.01Separated from Maeil Business Newspaper

2002.02Started publishing Korea BuyersGuide Automotive

2001.03Started publishing Korea BuyersGuide Machinary

1999.01Selected as agency for Nurturing Project for Export-oriented Small and Medium Companies (to provide overseas PR, brochure, and e-Catalog production and translation services)

 Started e-Catalog services

1998.01Awarded Presidential Commendation on 35th Export Day

1996.01Acquired by Maeil Business Newspaper

1984.10Started publishing Korea BuyersGuide Electronics

1983.04Selected as publication agency of Korea Trading Post by Korea Trade

1982.11Awarded Presidential Commendation on 19th Export Day

1981.12Awarded Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at 18th Export Day

1981.10Started foreign-language catalog/brochure services

1980.01Started translation/interpretation services

1974.01Korea BuyersGuide, an overseas publicity/marketing magazine (Ministry of Culture and information Registration Number: 라 1747) founded

 Started overseas publicity and marketing services



Nurturing Project for Export-Oriented Small and Medium-Size Companies

Maekyoung BuyersGuide Corp. has proudly contributed to Korea's export expansion for more than 30 years through BuyersGuide, a monthly overseas publicity/marketing magazine.

Out of this experience, in 2001 BuyersGuide Corp. executed the "Nurturing Project for Export-Oriented Small and Medium-Size Companies" to help firms produce their overseas marketing and promotional materials (catalogs, e-books, e-catalogs, websites), package design, and translation/interpretation.

BG now has more than 500,000 overseas buyers listed, and an effective strategic online marketing service is also available as a result.

Design Service

BG Corp, a professional design company approved by Korea Institute of Design Promotion, guarantees marketing effectiveness via various product-centered and buyer-friendly promotional materials.

Publicity/Book publishing

BG provides company journal and periodical publishing services from planning and manuscript writing through book design, printing, and even mailing.

Particularly, BG has specialized in the production of English journals for 30 years. Industry-specific Korean reporters and an excellent copyediting system using native speakers differentiate BG from other rivals.

e-Business Service

Complete, comprehensive planning makes e-business succeed. Websites, e-catalogs, e-newsletters, and e-books by BG professionals can meet any client requirements and utilize BG's huge buyer list worldwide.

Translation Service

Maekyoung BuyersGuide's other great strength is its translation service; its quality has been highly regarded for a long time. In addition to industry-specific reporters, BG copyeditors include a professor at the University of Maryland and a former editor-in-chief for the Korea Herald, one of the best newspapers in the nation.

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Maekyung Buyersguide Corp.'s Korea Buyers Guide, an overseas publicity / marketing magazine for Korean merchandise,
has proudly contributed to export expansion of South Korea for more than 30 years since January 1974.
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