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Compact Anion Car Air Cleaner
The socket-type air purifier from AIRVITA Co. features an ultra-small size yet powerful operation. AIRVITA can be conveniently used by connecting it to ceiling or lighting sockets, as well as, with incandescent bulbs. The small but powerful air purifier releases negative ions and purifies indoor air when the light is turned on. It has a built-in illumination system.

Basic Navigation
Kiryung Electronics’ main product WOWNAVI KCNS100 features a 24-bit color JPEG album and photo slideshow, etc. In addition, it also provides 18 kinds of safe driving information applications, including supporting of unmanned surveillance cameras.


Rear View System Monitor

Compact Black Box System
A Korean company, EyeCar Network, was bold enough to stand up to a difficult and somewhat impossible task: giving “eyesight” to cars, which will not only help analyze and identify the causes of accidents but also expand a driver’s visibility for safer driving.

Safety equipment

EL Lighting Safety Vest, Light Line
We Guarantee Your Safety!

Automobiles Interior Lamp
Established in 2000, Ilheung has led the nation’s development trends in the automobile parts industry with continuous R&D and technical innovation by providing customers with the best-quality products considering customer satisfaction as the highest value of the company.
Unique Film
Wig Korea, which holds many patents permitting manufacturing of Chameleon fabric, is small but strong venture in manufacturing and supplying products for foremost sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, and New Balance, automotive & home appliances brands like Hyundai-Kia, Samsung, and LG, and interior markets including Lotte, Shinsegae, and Hyundai department store.
Automotive Navigation System
Currently SOTHIS is professionally engaged in producing and providing various kinds of telematics and infotainment systems and services mainly for the automotive Industry targeting both domestic and overseas markets.
Phone Board
Taegu-based PAlGONG MNC has added its profitable marketing item of innovative “Phone Board”, to its impressive
range of products. The new item is expected to win keen attentionof the visitors to the upcoming BIMOS 2012 due
to its many advantages compared with its competitors.
Aroma Driver Fan
Gyeonggi-based NIT Corp. plans to promote its new flagship automotive product, “Aroma Driver Fan” for the upcoming
BIMOS(Busan International Motor Show) 2012.
A Leader in Public Bicycle Systems and Bike Parking Systems
EUROITS Co., Ltd. has developed a public bicycle rental system and bike storage system for the first time in Korea and has supplied public bike systems in 30 locations in the nation, as well as Tokyo, Nagoya and Hiroshima in Japan.
Automatic 4-point Safety Belts
Good Brainstorming, a Korean specialist in safety belts, is planning to promote its flagship automatic 4-point safety belts at the upcoming CeBIT2012 to be held in Hannover, Germany, March 6-10. The newly released safety belts are designed to ensure the safety of drivers with improved convenience.
Common Rail Test Equipment
DaeNam Tech Co., Ltd, more recognized in the world.
It is the result of endless efforts for developing more new and convenient technologies.
Solar Cell-Based Air Purifier
Launched by Lucizone (, Lucicar is a solar cell-based air purifier for vehicles. The solar cell is designed to have an optimal surface area to maximize the use of the solar energy.
Safety Rolling Barrier
GSI Ltd. is Korea’s leading manufacturer of road and traffic safety facilities and public security fixtures. For over 30 years, the company has provided physical safety solutions such as safety rolling barriers for protecting drivers from collisions as well as bridge barriers, bicycle parking facilities, fences, guard-rails, sound. barriers, and so forth.
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