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Korean building & construction materials to lead global technological trends at the Big 5 Show 2011

Many South Korean building & construction materials enterprises will be unveiling their wide product ranges at the Big 5 Show 2011, which will be held in Dubai from Nov. 21 through 24.

Amid the ongoing crisis of instability in the global financial system triggered by some European countries, various Korean companies are participating in the Show to advance into the Middle East markets and other global markets as well.

Spacelink Corporation, which started its venture in 1997, will be showcasing its recently released eco-friendly jet hand dryer called “Bio JangPoong” that presently leads the market with a customer-oriented stylish design, as well as distinguishing features. With the high-speed air blower, the innovatively designed dryer removes water on hands within only 7 to 10 seconds, boasting better performance than the conventional heated hand dryer and drawing strong attention, especially among the building & construction companies involved in projects in the region.

Alcopanel Co., Ltd. plans to unveil its innovatively designed construction material for the upcoming exhibition, under the brand name of Alcopanel, an excellent new material for construction. It features lightness but rigidity and flatness, incorporating the functions of insulation and sound-blocking for applications in protecting buildings and expressing the structure’s features.

Unovics ENC has prepared its flagship engineered item VOS Open Spring that is widely recognized, due to its unique features of open-type, anti-vibration mount, improved high efficiency of anti-vibration, easy to adjust level by control bolt, optimized diameter and working height for stability of right and left, top and bottom, and visually easy checkable spring deflection.

Shin Sung Control, a newcomer leading the South Korean market in the field of construction equipment & materials, is strategically planning to unveil its top-class road safety facilities.

Roser will be joining the movement with the recently released roser roofing system dubbed “Stone Wood Shake” that is fully capable of contributing to the immensely enhanced appearance of customers’ roofs with its elegant design and great color range, featuring unbelievably light weight.

The Big 5 international building & construction show, which is categorized into three sections of site infrastructure, facility services and plant machinery & vehicles, will be displaying a variety of exhibits including Building Supplies, Repair, Electrical Engineering, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Glass Construction, Cleaning Technology, Water Technology, Water Supply, Sewage Water Technology, Irrigation Plants, Drilling Equipment, Sea Water Desalination Plants, Generators, Measuring Equipment, Regulating and Control Technology, Control Equipment, Sewerage, Pumps, Tubes, Valves, and Environmental Engineering.

The Middle East attracts keen attention from the global building & construction industry with large-scale development projects

According to reliable sources, the Gulf region, including United Arab Emirates, remains a strategically important area of the world with over 65% of the world’s oil reserves. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) - the main trading bloc in the region - comprises Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

There are large-scale developments encompassing Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, etc. to house the increasing population along with substantial investments going into infrastructure. And also, it was noted that all the areas, including Iran and the Indian sub-continent, have enormous commercial potential, so currently there is increasingly brisk trading with the GCC states.

Given the fact that there are increasing trading opportunities in the region with the continuing integration of countries within the GCC, all participating businesses are expected to seize the excellent opportunities to further bolster their business presence in the region.

South Korean construction firms preparing for the Middle East region’s restoration project

South Korean construction businesses are getting ready to jump into an estimated $120 billion worth reconstruction project in Libya.

Daewoo E&C, which participated in six earlier projects in Libya, will dispatch a working group for establishing measures for the post-Libyan war era, including gathering all kinds of information on the country and construction sites run by Daewoo E&C.

Hyundai E&C, currently conducting a $2.63 billion power plant construction project in Al-Khalij, also plans to return to the site as soon as the political unrest dies down.

Won Construction, which is heading a large-scale housing project to build around 7,000 homes in places like Darnah, has already begun its initiative of dispatching few working members to the location, according to Korea’s Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM). Participating in the construction of a $270 billion thermal power plant, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction also has a plan to send working-level officials to related local facilities when safety is ensured.

In line with the private sector’s moves, the Korean government is also taking action to provide support for Korean businesses operating in Libya to return to their construction sites and help Libya’s restoration projects in the post-Gaddafi era.

Easy Spray Gun (Chameleon4)

Cheil Coating Inc. is one of the leading Korean companies manufacturing paint coating products. With its own technology, the company is manufacturing various models of paint coating products by coating on the surfaces of glass, metal, acrylic and wood.

VOS Open Spring

Given the relatively short business history compared with its competitors in the local market, Unovics ENC has surprisingly taken over the leading position in the domestic market by releasing and supplying high-quality engineered products. These include noise and vibration controllers for different areas of buildings, semiconductor plants, metro projects, various plants etc., together with consulting, measurements and analysis, etc.

Construction Material

Alcopanel Co., Ltd. is currently producing Alcopanel, an excellent new material for construction, which features lightness but rigidity and flatness, incorporating the functions of insulation and sound-blocking for applications in protecting buildings and expressing the structure’s features.


Shin Sung Control leads the South Korean market for road safety facilities, the flagship business part of the company, commanding the majority of the market share in terms of sales volume, technology level, construction capability, etc.

Eco-friendly Jet Hand Dryer

Spacelink Corporation, which started its venture in 1997, recently released an ecofriendly jet hand dryer called “Bio JangPoong” that presently leads the market with customer-oriented stylish design, as well as distinguishing features.


Among the most prestigious items from Samlip Engineering, a water saving manufacturer, are two kinds of faucets for water saving and dental water jet, which are currently rated as unique types of faucets worldwide. With the specially invented cartridge, the water-saving faucet can be operated without the help of water-saving aerators.

Roser Roofing System

Roser’s recently released the roser roofing system dubbed as “Stone Wood Shake”, which features unbelievably light weight, contributes to the immensely enhanced appearance of customers’ roofs with its elegant design and great color range.

Shade Net

DAEYANG manufactures a broad range of polyethylene treated fabrics for a list of industrial applications, with 6,000 tons of annual production capacity. With all of its ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities, the fabrics maker ensures world-class quality of products.

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