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South Korea's Diverse Range of World-Class Machinery Products Flourishing in Global Markets

South Korea’s Diverse Range of World-Class Machinery Products Flourishing in Global Markets
South Korea’s Diverse Range of World-Class Machinery Products Flourishing in Global Markets
According to official data released by the Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI), the 2011 outlook for South
Korea’s machinery industry, comprised of 5 major machinery sectors - general machinery, fabricated metal, electric
achinery, precision machinery, and transportation machinery (excluding shipping) - appears to be positive, and is
expected to maintain relatively good performance during this year.
This outlook as a whole is based upon continuously maintaining strong overseas demand from the giant emerging
economies including China, Brazil, etc. and considerably improving domestic demand thanks to continuous investment in plant and equipment and the strong industrial demand in the nation.
It is expected that the production of general machinery will stand at 97 trillion won ($866 billion), up 7.8 percent from 2010,
and exports are projected to rise to $403 billion, up 10 percent from 2010, while imports are expected to reach $ 364 billion,
up 10 percent from that of last year, respectively. Thus, the nation’s trade balance is projected to record a surplus of $38
Currently, various kinds of globally competitive highest quality products manufactured by the nation’s high-profile
companies lead the world in a number of different markets. These products include TFT-LCD displays, PDP TVs, mobile
phones, advanced machinery facilities and system, automobiles, etc.
This month’s Korea Buyers Guide covers Korea’s world-class machinery products, ranging from machinery facilities, to
machinery systems and machinery parts. We carefully selected 10 products from more than 600 world-class products, as of
the first quarter of 2011, for contributing to the creation of business opportunities for both overseas buyers and selected high-
profile domestic manufacturers to improve their businesses results following last year’s attempts.

Sizing Machine With Digital Control System

Sam Kang T.S.M Co., Ltd. has earned international reputation for its sizing machines with digital control system. Due to their high productivity and broad range of applications, the firm’s products have been actively exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Major market is China, but demand from Vietnam and India is on a rapid rise.

Semiconductor Utility System

Founded in 1982, Hanyang ENG Co., Ltd. has firstly succeeded in manufacturing the semiconductor utility systems in Korea. The company also supplies CCSS (Central Chemical Supply System) equipment used for domestic semiconductor and display manufacturers. It recently furnished CCSS equipment to foreign makers of TFT-LCD and semiconductors in China and North America.

Dry Native Oxide Cleaning System

Since its inception in 1990, PSK Inc. has been engaged in the production of surface treatment equipment for semiconductor wafers. The company’s representative items include ashing systems, lite etching systems and dry cleaning systems. otably, in 2007, the maker ranked at the first position in the global asher field in terms of sales volume.

Battery Diagnostic System / Battery Quality Tester

Powertron has been a specialized total solution provider of environmentfriendly power supplies and battery diagnostic apparatuses for emergency power supply systems since its establishment in 1984. Two of the company’s main products are iPQMS/BDS, a battery monitoring system, and IBEX , a portable battery tester.

Automatic Tablet Dispensing and Packaging System

Founded in 1978, JVM has devoted efforts to supplying automatic tablet classification & packing machine. So, the company has constantly provided automatic medicine dispensing solution. As the result, it not only commands the lion’s share on the domestic market, but also captures the leading position on the global market in the field.

Grip Ring & Hinge Clamp Type Joints

Based on its technology accumulated over 15 years, Jeong Woo Coupling Co. has constantly diversified the lineup of its products, including grip rings, hinge clamps, repair clamps and elbow repair clamps. The company’s export mainstays are grip ring type joints (MJG type) and hinge clamp type joints (MJH type).

Injection Molding Machines

Based on technology accumulated over four decades, Sungjin Machinery Co. has led the domestic industry of rubber injection molding machines. The company currently supplies a broad spectrum of items, including vacuum injection molding machines, silicon injection molding machines and swaging machines.

Desalination Plant

Known for delivering advanced and reliable solutions, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. is one of the few companies in the world that has proprietary technologies for all three desalination types: Multi-Stage Flashing (MSF), Multi-Effect Distillation (MED), and Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Solid Recloser

World Climate changes and Global warming, there are significant changes in weather all cross the world. In every sector of industry shall re-consider present circumstance and improve what they are manufacturing.

Large Low-Speed Diesel Engine

Doosan Engine Co., Ltd. produces low-speed diesel engines, mediumspeed diesel engines, diesel power plants and related parts. As the representative supplier in this field in Korea, the company’s products are exported to China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Denmark and Germany.

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