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South Korean Textile Machinery Manufacturers, Expanding Global Market Presence with Their State-of-the Art Products

Many South Korean companies specializing in manufacturing various kinds of textile machinery will be showcasing their globally competitive items at the upcoming International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA) ASIA 2011, slated be opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 14 through 17, 2011. It is planned to be held concurrently with the China International Textile Machinery Exhibition (CITME) 2011.
The huge upcoming show is forecasted to attract more than roughly 1,000 companies worldwide, including at least more than 50 Korean enterprises. Among companies expected to participate, Chinese firms will be in the majority, followed by Italy, Germany, Japan, etc. As in past years, more than 10,000 people from over 90 countries and regions are expected at this large event. Among the visitors, it is estimated that 90 percent of them will come from China and other parts of Asia.
For the exhibition, the Korea Textile Machinery Association (KOTMA) is arranging all possible measures to support the Korean exhibitors, especially for the small and medium-sized textile machinery manufacturers. Korean major textile machinery companies are especially arranging strategic plans to utilize the mega show as an optimal business venue, preparing to display a wide variety of globally competitive textile machinery, in terms of their pricecompetitiveness and highly value-added qualities.
Among Korean participants, Dong-A Dyeing Machinery, the No. 1 dyeing machine manufacturer in the nation, is proudly preparing to display its latest dyeing machine dubbed “ECO DREAM” that is designed ecologically with globally recognized high technological features, which include allowing the user to reduce total process time, liquor ratio, energy consumption, and operation cost. An another notable exhibitor, Hyo San Machinery is also actively preparing its full auto packaging machine dubbed “HSP-500EP” equipped with a film gathering device and a film drawing device.

Full Auto Packaging Machine

HYO SAN MACHINERY has been professionally manufacturing various kinds of textile machinery, including roll packaging machines, actively acquiring numerous domestic and foreign patents. Starting with the production of textile machines in 1989, well-known as the world first of its kind, the company is currently manufacturing two kinds of full auto packaging machines dubbed “HSP-500EP”and “HSP-300A”.

Dyeing Processing Machinery

Poongkwang Machine’s self-developed machinery for dyeing processing is currently drawing a great deal of attention, not only in the domestic market but also abroad. Currently, approximately 250 companies in the nation are actively employing the products manufactured by the company at their factories, and Poongkwang Machine’s valuable products are actively being exported to more than 30 overseas countries, including European countries, the U.S.A., China, etc.

Dropper Motion

Changlim Precision’s Drop Motion is especially designed to perfectly detect warp-breakage to prevent fabric defects. As tension is uniformly maintained with the weight of the dropper, it is possible to produce high-quality fabric. With its equipped motion system, the model’s productivity was conspicuously increased, compared with similar conventional products.

Flame Laminating Machine

World F.L.Y’s WF-2005 is a kind of flame laminating machine that uses sponge (urethane foam) thermoplastic materials, mixing with two kinds (or over) of different fabrics, non-woven fabrics and paper in the process of production. The WF-2005 version of flame laminating machine is composed of urethane foam feeding & conveyor, fabric feeding & conveyor, main body (laminating part), accumulator, and cutting & winding device.


SUNWOO TEXTILE AUTO’s representative warper, “Pilot Warper” is also widely applied among its industry. The applicable yarns for the product include polyester, nylon and cotton. The needed number of yarn is 50~300TH, 15~1500D; the output speed of yarn is 800M/min; the motor for the machine is AC 5.5Kw, 3ø 220~380V; and a hyper-accurate optical inspector is applied to it.

Dyeing Machine

Dong-A DYEING MACHINERY has consistently committed to the development of dyeing and finishing textile machinery, providing differentiated technologyoriented machines and value-added services. The company has proudly presented a latest dyeing machine dubbed “ECO DREAM” designed ecologically with various globally recognized high-tech features.

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