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Electromechanical & Interconnects

Mixing Roll M/C
Since its establishment in 1992 under the name of Dae Song Trade Co. , WITHLAB Co., Ltd. has so far mainly offered to the laboratories and universities in Korea by importing chemical analyzers, polymer property equipment, and general chemical devices, but since 1997, it has succeeded in developing and producing the products mentioned above and is currently offering the products to customers in Korea.

Dust Collector
Dasaneng’s newly released product, the Lseries has special features compared to other similar products, including not only maintaining cutting quality but also reducing maintenance time by reducing the pollution of lenses and parts caused by gas. By employing Germany’s Mahle filter and system, it offers excellent performance to users.

Smart Actuator
i-Robo has recently unveiled its leading product, “Smart Actuator,” at the international LED production equipment exhibition, as a core technology of nextgeneration intelligent robots.

Automatic Sewing Thread Winder
IL SHIN’s representative product, the Automatic Sewing Thread Winder was originally designed for maximizing convenience according to the user’s requirements, thus facilitating user-friendly operation.

Filter-Dust Collection Facility
K.I. Industry’s filter-dust collection facility is a dust-collection facility that provides the best dust-collection function among the various dust collectors, and recently, it has been widely applied and operated in workplaces generating dust, dust-generating process and combustion equipment and others.

Automotive Service Equipment
An automotive service equipment manufacturer Koeng produces a wide range of automotive systems such as wheel aligners, wheel balancers, tire changers, automotive gas analyzers, diesel smoke testers, brake lathes, diesel fuel injection pump testers, etc.

Automatic Grease Feeder
SEStech has unveiled an upgraded automatic grease feeder for the parts used in large-sized robots, which is capable of injecting fixed quantities of grease into the robot in operation. It is also applicable to different kinds of robots.

Fresh-Water Generator
Donghwa Entec’s fresh-water generator is a device to produce fresh water by using seawater and comes in two models of low pressure evaporating type and reverse osmosis type.

Grid-Connected PV Inverter
The company’s impressive three-phase inverter for power plant, PV-C3xxS series (10~50kW / 100-500kW, 3 phase transformer type & 1MW, 3 phase transformer-less type) is a photovoltaic inverter connected to a three phase low or high voltage system.

Range of Heat Exchangers
LHE Co., Ltd is a heat exchanger manufacturer producing a wide range of heat exchangers such as plate heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger, oblong heat exchanger, plate coil heat exchanger, bloc heat exchanger, etc.

Mono- and Poly-crystalline Solar Modules
Symphony Energy is a solar module manufacturer whose main products are mono/polycrystalline solar modules (2/3bust-bar, 225-260W). Deigned with optimized solar cells and made with highly durable poly-crystalline/mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, Symphony Energy’s SE6M60 series poly-crystalline solar module and SE6S60 mono-crystalline solar module, can generate more electric power than rival modules and lasts more than 20 years.

Mono and Multi Crystalline Solar Cells, PV Modules
Shinsung Solar Energy has started PV business, the key field of renewable energy since 2007, and now it has 350MW solar cell annual capacity at Jeungpyeong, Chungbuk and 150 solar module annual capacity at Eumseong Chungbuk.

Solar Home Generation System
Invented by Dohyoung, the Solar Home Generation Systemis designed and manufactured to make possible basic living with no electricity in remote areas such as rural territories in Southeast Asia and Africa. The system is manufactured to operate under portable conditions applicable to transport on vehicle with convenience generating absolutely no CO2. The 50W generator also uses the DC System with easy-to-use compact design.

48rod CVD Reactor & Ingot Grower for PV Purpose
Semi-Materials has been dedicated to developing solar PV materials, parts, and equipments since its establishment in 2000. Currently, the company also launched the business for LED epi, chip, and lighting applications. Products offered by Semi-Materials are CVD reactors for polysilicon, mono crystalline silicon ingot growers, LED epi & Chips, and LED lighting applications.

Photovoltaic Modules
Spun off from Samsung Electronics in 2001, S-Energy has built up successful business relationships with European and Japanese market players, taking a giant step forward to be the No.1 module manufacturer and System integrator in the global PV market.

Generator & Switchgear
Bokuk Electric Ind. Co.,Ltd. has manufactured wide range of generators and switchgears for more than a half century since its establishment in 1961. The company’s main products includes alternators (5 ~ 3,000Kw), diesel generator set (5 ~ 3,000Kw), gas turbine generators (2MW ~ 5MW), gas CHP system (100 ~ 1000Kw), HV & LV switchgear, photovoltaic generators, welding generators and packaged power supply systems.

Small-sized 3kW wind turbine, SAMDORIE
Seoltech Co., Ltd. has since its establishment in 1993 developed and manufactured smallsized wind turbines, outer rotors, inner rotors and grid tie inverters.

Grid-Connected PV Inverter
Since its establishment in 1998, Hex Power System has specialized in developing various grid-connected inverters, installing hundreds of them domestically.

Solar Home Generation System
Invented by Dohyoung, the Solar Home Generation Systemis designed and manufactured to make possible basic living with no electricity in remote areas such as rural territories in Southeast Asia and Africa. The system is manufactured to operate under portable conditions applicable to transport on vehicle with convenience generating absolutely no CO2. The 50W generator also uses the DC System with easy-to-use compact design.

Generator & Switchgear
Bokuk Electric Ind. Co.,Ltd. has manufactured wide range of generators and switchgears for more than a half century since its establishment in 1961. The company’s main products includes alternators (5 ~ 3,000Kw), diesel generator set (5 ~ 3,000Kw), gas turbine generators (2MW ~ 5MW), gas CHP system (100 ~ 1000Kw), HV & LV switchgear, photovoltaic generators, welding generators and packaged power supply systems.

SDPCVD (Space Divided Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition)
Developed by Jusung Engineering, SDPCVD (Space Divided Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition) is considered to be one of the most advanced and promising technologies as the system can handle all of the deposition processes by PECVD, LPCVD and ALD.

Parts for Fire Arms & Precision Engineering
Founded in 1992, DASAN Machineries ( has focused on field of parts for firearms, precision engineering, automatic machinery and machinery parts, gaining a good reputation with continuous technology research and development since 1992. DASAN Machineries Co., Ltd., headed by CEO Kim Byung-hak, received the 49thTrader of the Month award for achieving excellent export performance in the global market.

Press Die for Forming Automobile Parts
S.D.M Co., Ltd. ( is engaged in developing and producing premium press die such as hot forming die and aluminum die and records steady growth in export volume every year.

Electric Dryer for Agro



3D modeling


Construction equipment

I&YInspire the Next
The 21st century is already here. And, the industrial modern society requires better quality of specified products. Since being established in 1985, We have been specifically and diligently engaged in the production of dies for MOCK-UP & MOLD parts to help meet the challenging requirements of the 21st century.

C.N.C Butt Welder
M216 C.N.C butt welder is an excellent butt fusion machine suitable for HDPE and PP pipes and fittings. Especially the user-friendly software and control panel is designed for perfect result even under hard work conditions. The C.N.C Butt Welder is included 128 of ISO standard fusion parameter and also can be manually operated to set whatever the fusion standard is. The controller can save more than 500 of the result and has built-in printer available to print the result right away.

Food Waste Decompose Machine

Propellers For Your Cruising Experience
For driving, a car relies on an engine. For a motor boat, a propeller comes in. Just like driving experiences can be determined by the condition of its engine, a boat may sail well or loses its way on the river or sea depending on how the propeller performs. And a Korean propeller maker, BaekSan Propeller, showcases a few outstanding propellers.

Press Machines for the Future of Automation System
In old days, people hammered metals to produce necessary tools. Today, the world has become sophisticated, and machines already took their place. These press machines are useful in forming or shaping workpieces; they are widely varied for many different uses. In Korea, speaking of the press machine, YoungRim is taking the title of “Leader of Automation System.”

Innovative Glove Knitting Solution
It seems that technology advances a lot faster than we might have thought it would. Certainly, today’s world is plainly different from that of yesterday. Every day, new gadgets come and make old ones go away. Industrial scenes went through the biggest change; for example, labor productivity increases in factories as machines do the job. And Korea’s Dongsung Precision has been behind the scenes.

Hydraulic Part Maker Meets Today’s Difficult Demand
Our modern industry requires more. However, for continuous growth across industries, its demand needs to be met no matter how difficult they are. Among various solutions, building or expanding complicated machines could be one; it is enabled by using components such as pipes, fittings, and tubing parts. Korea’s hydraulic part maker, Sungwoo-NTech recognizes its importance and decides to deliver.

Better and Quality Compressor Parts
First engaged in the precision cast industry, Taejung began its manufacturing operation in 1979. By having manufactured compressor parts for diverse refrigerators, the firm has seen a remarkable growth for the past years. Its one-sided business has expanded into several other areas such as Press, Brazing, Precision Machine, Plazma welded, and Steel pipe products.

Shaping the Future of the Agricultural Industry
No doubt the agricultural industry has been greatly improving since machines came into use. Unlike old days, today’s farmers can mass-produce their crops or fruits without any back-breaking work. At the current pace of technological progress, the future of agricultural environment would be quite different from that of the present: more efficiency and productivity. Korea’s Sungboo Industry is envisioning a bright future for the agricultural industry.

Eco-Friendly Air Cooling Solutions
Looking up to its philosophy “Contributing to the development of national industry and economy by seeking new technology,” Cotran has been specializing in manufacturing a handful of numerous machines such as cooling systems and air handling units. In pursuit of advanced technology, the firm is always interested in taking steps to develop and invent new products with improved performance and functions. Especially, going green by introducing eco-friendly products is one of Cotran’s top priorities.

MK16A transistor
Induction heating is the process in which usually a metal become electrically heated by using electromagnetic induction. A typical induction heater has an electromagnet and a high-frequency alternating current (AC). The technique is useful for both industrial and home use. The most common applications we can find easily are electronic cookers like an oven and an electric range. And, as a specialist, KOREA NETUREN is the company to turn to when it comes to the induction heating business.

Jet Flow Dyeing Machine
Dyeing is a great way to color things. We dye our hair for beauty and dye clothes like t-shirts for fashion. But for industry, it’s something different. It involves more sophisticated work and various dyeing machines. And Samill with 23 years of experience has been serving customers with multiple quality certificates (ASME, SQL, ISO9001, INNOBIZ), diversified dyeing systems and many other relevant machines. Being innovative and creative, the manufacturer first invented environmentally friendly “Beam Dyeing machine” in the world, which was supported by the government. The manufacturer also successfully dyed Polypropylene.

Dust Collector
We all remember the Industrial revolution that took place decades ago. The world then saw and deeply felt it ripple effect not only throughout industrial sectors but social and political area as well. But one obvious downside followed : devastating pollutions that sickened many lives and our environment. If a Korean company like MyungJin Machinery had existed during the period, the history would have been different for sure.

Multipurpose Spreader
Agricultural industry is the biggest beneficiary from today’s technology. By having specially-designed machines in place, unlike old days, farmers can effortlessly increase productivity without breaking a sweat. More importantly, it leads to securing the survivability of people. Korea’s IRIS Spreaders as one of agri-equipment makers introduces one single machine that plays a critical role.

agricultural machinery

Industrial cooler/chiller

Electric Dryer

PCM (Phase-Change Material) Solutions
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in the United States had to protect people and instruments from extreme temperatures in space. So it developed a new material called “PCM (Phase-Change Material).” This material changes its property by changing from solid to liquid or vice versa while saving, releasing or absorbing heat. Simply, it loses heat when it becomes solid, and takes in heat when a liquid state. This unique feature leads to a wide variety of applications besides the space project, and EST (Energy Solution Technology) knows better than anyone else.

ceiling infrared heater
Kofirst can provide the heating solution

Magnetic Camera
Magnetic Camera, LED Optics and Vision Application Technique

international Packaging Exhibition

Impregnated Diamond Core Bits
As the nation’s only specialized manufacturer of mining and architectural exploration equipment since its founding in 1980, Taesung is commanding over 70 percent of the total domestic market share, leading the nation’s market, while further exploring new potential overseas markets since 2007.

automatic knitting machine
We, Dongsung Precision Co., Ltd. are specialty manufacturer providing highest class automatic knitting machines and special knitting equipment to both domestic and global markets over the past 27 years.

solar pest controller

Electric dryer for Agro-fishery products

agricultural machinery

industrial cooler

Heating system

Black hole

Marine Navigation
No. 1 Aids to Marine Navigation Specialist

Energy Solution Technology
EST will be your Best business partner!

I&YInspire the Next
It is achieved that it can not be your infinity pushing and comes with plastic.

Gas Mixing & Dilution System / Automatic Changeover System
Excellent Gas Solution

HYUNDAI EN-TECH Marine engines
HYUNDAI EN-TECH Marine engines
Healing the body for a healthy life!
Labeller & Leaflet Outserter
Inter world ECM
Copper Stave / Cooling Plate / Lance Nozzle / Electrode Holder / Burner / Tuyere / Copper Panel
Passion and Innovation Welcome to Our Company
DAEGUN TECH CO., LTD. Has been prepairing for the future with Stable performance and quality.
Hot & Cold Forging
Hot & Cold Forging
Cold Forging & Machining
Cold Forging & Machining
Air compressor
AII employees of HANGUK AIRRO CO.,LTD. are renewed as “the best company to deal with air” since 1987. Especially, We aim for being the best air compressor system in the field of efficiency, energy, environment and economic.
Metal Detector & Automatic Weight Checker
Metal Detector & Automatic Weight Checker
New Vision For LED
We are dedicated to continuous innovation and texhnological development so that we can manufacture best-quality products which reflect customers' needs.
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