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World-Class Products of Korea 2012

Korea’s World-Class Products Capture Global Markets
The Ministry of Knowledge Economy has added 58 items to the list of “Korea’s World-Class Products” as of 2012.

The ‘World-Class Product’ project has marked its 11th anniversary since it was launched in 2001 while the number of certified companies has steadily increased from 120 in 2001 to 553 in 2012.

In addition to Korea’s World-Class Products, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy selects a separate group of products labeled “Korea’s Next Generation World-Class Products” from among goods and services that have the potential of fulfilling World-Class product requirements within the next three years.

Korea’s best-quality products top the list in a number of different global markets, including memory semiconductors, seawater desalination equipment, merchant vessels, polyester LM fiber, cycling shoes, refrigerators, electric equipment for ships and half-submerging drilling ships, just to name a few.

For instance, as many as 119 goods manufactured by Korean companies enjoyed the biggest market share in the global market as of the end of 2010. In addition to the products manufactured by top-notch companies, a lot of Korea’s quality goods are made and supplied by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), establishing a growing presence in the fiercely competitive world market.

Aiming to further promote these highly rated products and services to buyers and marketers around the world, Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy has since 2001 been awarding them the certification of ‘World-Class Product’ after rigorous screening processes.

The Ministry of Knowledge Economy recently awarded the certification of ‘World-Class Product’ to 58 items in December 2010. They include 32 World-Class Products, which rank in the top five in the global market and 26 Next- Generation World-Class Products, which have the potential of fulfilling World-Class product requirements within the next three years.

So far, a total of 553 products have been selected as World-Class Products or Next- Generation World-Class Products among candidate goods that meet the requirements as of 2012.

Korea Buyers Guide, in conjunction with the Korean government, describes and recommends these Korean World-Class Products to buyers and marketers worldwide, encouraging them to identify Korean products with superior quality.

World-Class Products Guarantee Top Quality

World-Class Products are selected from among goods and services whose total global market size is greater than US$50 million, with exports of over US$5 million.

The candidate must also be ranked in the top five in the global market, and undergo a strict screening process led by the World-Class Product Review Committee (chaired by the Vice Minister of Knowledge Economy) based on the marketability
and technological strengths of the candidate products.

In addition to Korea’s World-Class Products, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy selects a separate group of products labeled “Korea’s Next Generation World-Class Products” from among goods and services that have the potential of fulfilling World-Class product requirements within the next three years.

The selection process is overseen by the World-Class product Review Committee, headed by the Vice Minister of Knowledge Economy, under the same careful and rigorous screening process.

Additionally, the Next Generation World-Class Products include those with proven technological potential in future growth industries, recipients of various new technology and product awards and certifications, and goods and services selected from among those recommended by industry associations and agencies with proven commercial and technological advantages.

Next Generation World-Class Products showcase items that promise future market dominance with the same high level of quality and reliability exhibited by Korea’s World-Class Products.

Strict and Objective Selection and Management

The selection process for Korea’s World-Class Products is wide-ranging and extensive, and is conducted with strict objectivity and fairness.

The selection committee, chaired by the Vice Minister of Knowledge Economy, is supported by a large number of relevant
agencies and organizations that provide professional and technical advice for the selection process.

These agencies and organizations include practically every relevant industry association and agency in Korea, with the number of organizations participating in the selection process increasing each year.

In addition, products previously selected as World-Class products may have their status revoked if found in subsequent reviews to be failing to meet the rigorous selection standards, as part of continuing efforts to create an even more meticulous screening process.

The quality and reliability of Korea’s World-Class Products are thus guaranteed by the Korean government, in addition to having already proven their high acceptance in global markets.

They represent the pinnacle of Korean technology, engineering and production, and any buyers purchasing Korea’s World-Class products can be confident of their quality, reliability, technological capabilities and marketability.

InBody 720, Precise Body Composition Analyzer

Released by Biospace, the precise body composition analyzer “InBody720”, using 30 Impedance Measurements by Using 6 Different Frequencies(1kHz, 5kHz, 50kHz, 250kHz, 500kHz, 1000kHz) at Each 5 Segments (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg).

Infrared Thermometer

HuBDIC’s non-contact infrared thermometer (FS-100) provides comfortable way of taking body temperature of child or baby in just 2-3 seconds with a light stroke across the forehead. The simple one-handed operation takes temperature easily and accurately during scanning for reliable result. It can measure the body temperature 40 times per second during scanning.

Fibrous Bands

Adhesions are fibrous bands (scar) that form abnormally between two tissues or organs while generally incision is undergone in our body after post operations or surgeries including pelvic and C-section etc. For reducing those adhesion forming or complication as pain, Guardix-sol®, colorless viscous solution, composed of Sodium Hyaluronate(HA) and Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC), is applied to site of potentially adhesiongenic tissues and organ structures, so that it serves as a temporary mechanical barrier and lubricant separating opposing tissue surface.

3D Dental Scanner

Medit Corp. was first established in 2010 with innovative technology offering 3D digital solutions for dental market by enabling the merge of mass production and individual customization into fast, cost-efficient workflows. Medit employees key technologies from its parent company, Solutionix Corp., which has been developing high-end 3D scanning technology in industrial field over 10 years. The key features of 3D dental scanner “Identica” are as follows.

Compressible Limb Therapy System

Won Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Compressible Limb Therapy Systems (Morning Life & Lead-Care), Elastic Bandage Net (Surginet), and Illuminated Multi Magnifier (Circle-Scope), and Disk belt in Korea. To be recognized as one of the top products in the world, Won Industry is following the strict quality control standards required from Europe and Japan as well as USA.

Intra oral Dental Light System, “eBite”

Dentozone’s Intra oral Dental Light System, “eBite” is an intraoral illuminating apparatus that can effectively illuminate the inside of patient’s mouth with its high quality LED. Dentist easily exam inside of Buccal cavity medical examination without dental light. Also the patient can confirm by mirror. It can confirm before and after implant, scaling, whitening treatment.

14-bit Digital Mammography & Modality Imaging Solutions

As medical system is getting more computerized and digitalized, filmless imaging solutions are more required and demand more special performance. Under the circumstances, high-performance and multi-function medical monitors are strongly demanded and, therefore, KOSTEC designed these monitors for the sake of the solutions of the needs.

Thermal Massage Bed

Founded in 1998 in Korea, Ceragem specializes in manufacturing and distributing unique alternative health care products, including thermal massage bed. Currently, Ceragem operates 3,000 showrooms in 70 nations where visitors can experience free trial before deciding to purchase the thermal bed, receiving an enthusiastic response from consumers.

Dance Floor Games “PUMP IT UP”

Pump It Up TX has a 50-inch widescreen display with greatly improved screen resolution, brand new cabinet, awe-inspiring audio and a dazzling light show presentation. Pump It Up TX also comes with Fiesta EX, the newest version software of Pump it Up series.

Prefabricated Building System

With a high strength steel frame, the innovative Prefabricated Building System (PBS) from Caravan ES is capable to easily assemble, dis-assemble, and re-install. PBS retains not only an excellent quality selecting reinforced PH-beam (Prefabricated H beam) and Galvalumesteel panels but a high energyefficiency through Double-wall system. PBS is use for hangars, warehouses, offices, accommodations, shipyards, etc.

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