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Welding M/C
Autowel Co., Ltd.
H_BEAM Fabrication Line
H_BEAM Fabrication Line
Digital Welding Bead Measuring Instrument
Ever since its establishment in 2000, Gyeongnam Province-based Robot Valley has become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers specialized in manufacturing various kinds of cutting-edge intelligent robots aimed at the manufacturing fields.
Inverter Welding Machines
Sinwoo Tech has been engaged in manufacturing highest-class inverter welding machines and air plasma cutting machines.
Gas Welder
Dong Kwang, the professional welder manufacturer, has released powerful gas welder named “FCAW/GMAW250”.
Metal Doctor
Metal Doctor is an electro-spark surface deposition and hardening (coating) machine using arc spark effect in the air.
The temperature of the spark point is approximately 25,000℃ however no heat accumulation occurs during diffusion and deposition periods. Alloy deposits on the surface without changing the property and demensions of base meterial.
Welding Carrier
Mecca Industry, a specialty manufacturer of metal fabrication, has released its hot item of welding carriers on the global
market. The welding carrier from the company keeps the normal conditions of wire and cable in the welding field and prevents the problem of twisting.
Welding Machine
Everything for welding by Sam-ho Welding Machine Co., Ltd.more...
Welding Machine
Everything for welding by Sam-ho Welding Machine Co., Ltd.
Inverter Welding Machine
Sinwoo Tech has been professionally engaged in manufacturing highest-class inverter welding machines and air plasma cutting machines, operating more than 40 distributorships and dealers in Korea since in 2001, and playing a pivotal role in the development of the nation’s key industries.
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