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Raw Materials

Stainless Steel Profiles
TS Metal currently produces highest-quality stainless steel profiles, which are now being applied in various industrial fields in the likes of industrial apparatus, automobile parts, screen filters, robot parts, OA parts, electric appliances, building in/exterior, cookware handles, watch bands, etc., while currently selling briskly domestically and abroad.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sealings
Mr. Kim Sang-don, CEO of Wonyoung Seal Corporation ( was awarded the 45th Trader of the Month for his contribution in achieving the excellent export performance of Wonyoung Seal Corporation, a Korea’s hydraulic and pneumatic sealing product company.

Sealing Products
Over the past 30 years, KUKIL INNTOT CO., LTD. ( has been dedicated to manufacturing sealing products such as gasket and packing and coupling. Since it was founded in 1982, the company has grown into a mid-sized sealing company with about 23 billion won in sales last year, proving its technical leadership in the market.

heating systems

International business and logistics

Polymer-based Products
By using polymer, Korea’s Shin Yang Tech makes it happen. As a chemical compound resulted from polymerization, polymer gives what many industries want, and its application is widely extended due to second-to-none shock & sound absorption, elasticity, and tensile strength.

Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling System
BumSuk Co., Ltd. has succeeded in developing equipment that effectively controls such needed processes as recovery, purification, and injection for refrigerant used specially in chillers.

Precision Rubber Maker
Due to its unique elasticity, rubber is one of the most widely used materials for a few different industrial sectors; its applications are ranging from simple household items to sophisticated machines. We can easily see rubber products everywhere: tires and tubes. In particular, the automotive industry takes advantage of the specific property of rubber for anti-vibration.

Introducing Reliable CNC Machine Tools
Machine tools are used to make things. They typically perform, for example, cutting, shearing, grinding, etc., on raw materials. Such manufactured parts play vital roles for many different industries. Since 1987, EM KOREA has been betting on years of accumulated technologies and expertise, when it comes to developing and supplying machine tool products like all 35 different types of CNC machine tools and components.

Chemical Supplier for Global Industrial Growth
Polyurethane is one of the most popular elements. Its global consumption reaches well over 12 million metric tons annually. It is resilient, flexible, and durable; they are good enough to replace natural materials such as cotton, rubber, metal or wood for various applications that requires being bouncy, hard, and squishy. SEHOTECH, a Korean manufacturer for polyurethane additives, helps a lot of businesses benefit from what polyurethane can offer to the fullest.

Benefiting Farmers with Agricultural Machines
The agricultural industry as the biggest beneficiary of advancing technology today contributes to the survival of the human population. It has enabled feeding billions of people all over the world that old traditional ways would never keep up with. Korea’s A-Sung Precision Industrial belongs to the pack behind this revolution.

A Pioneer in the Textile Machinery Industry
By using heat, chemical, or mechanical treatment, nonwoven fabric is made from fibres. This pseudo fabric has lots of distinctive properties for many applications including hygiene-related products, numerous filters, packaging, medical items, etc. No wonder that textile making machines must be built by good hands. Korea’s BooKwang Tech possesses nimble fingers.

Metal Processing Solutions
Cutting is one of many preliminary processes for many industries. For its efficiency, people have found various ways to perform cutting. There are machines that use water and heat as a cutting medium. Plasma is one of them. By using this sort of gas that has some ionized particles, Korea’s World Plant is poised to step up the level of industrial cutting.

Various Kinds of Precision Products
From bulky vehicles like heavy machinery and cars to handy gadgets like mobile phones and notebooks, small precision parts are there to help them perform up to par. They are all assigned with specific roles and just are not ignorable. In a way, these precision components may directly affect an entire function. Recognizing this, Korea’s PKANG Precision is determined to supply precision parts that never break down.

Sandwich Panels
Controlling temperatures is important for some occasions. Say, a spacecraft needs to be well insulated in preparation for extremely high temperatures when it re-enters through the earth’s atmosphere. For buildings, people use various forms of thermal insulation not only to reduce heat but also noise and vibration, which can create a more enjoyable environment for a resident. Clothes are also used for the same purpose. Korea’s TAEYOUNG allows people to maximize the use of heat insulation products to their advantage.

The color printed iron panels
DK Dongshin broadens its global presence bolstered by its extraordinary performance of recording more than US$100million in export

steel pipes
Steel Flower received the US$200million Export Tower from KITA(Korea International Trade Association) at the nation’s 49th Trade Day - which was held on December 5th, last year - for its contribution to the nation’s export growth.


heating systems


The 21st century is already here. And, the industrial modern society requires better quality of specified products. Since being established in 1985, We have been specifically and diligently engaged in the production of dies for MOCK-UP & MOLD parts to help meet the challenging requirements of the 21st century

China Sourcing Fair

Troubleshooter in Die-Casting

Urethane products

PVC hose



Conquer the harshest marine environments

Excellent Gas Solution
1. Gas Mixing & Dilution System 2. Automatic Changeover System

Dongwon PE pipes have no inner-pipe scale by their corrosion-resitance.
•DCM can offer high performance cutting tool with 32years accumulated know-how
•DCM can produce as customer`s requirement
•DCM`s products offer economic and precision cutting condition
New& Reliable
Poly Urethane Catalyst
Only 1, World's First!
Poly Urethane Catalyst
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