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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 573

New & Hot

Edutainment Contents
Sand Craft is edutainment content featuring a tactile cognitive function, which has been developed based on depth-sensing technology and projection mapping technology.Users can enjoy a variety of experiential type contents with actual geographical features created on a real-time basis by user actions such as digging, stacking, and touching. It provides powerful tangible feedback using soft real sand and it offers a variety of learning, functional content not only suitable for children but also recently, it is used as touch and emotional learning content for the elderly.

Cover Story

Healthcare Edu-Tech Platform
cetalab is a healthcare edu-tech platform venture business based on AI, big data, smart device and cloud.cetalab provides education, training, and evaluation on the basis of competence, and a portfolio management platform in which self-examination is in a virtuous cycle, so that it contributes to fostering excellent healthcare. The company intends to become a leader in global healthcare edu-tech platforms by combining advanced ICT technology and healthcare education technology.U-FOLIO, which cetalab has commercialized, is a service for students in the healthcare


Grating Products
Since its establishment in 2001, Wonjae Industrial Co., Ltd. has been developing new technologies and products such as I-beam heavy duty gratings, style safety gratings and design gratings, starting with steel gratings through eco-friendly plating. An I-beam position boosts the I-Beam Heavy Duty Grating’s durability and strength. The fastening structure of bolts and nuts significantly improves the efficiency of installation. It is loaded with anti-noise and anti-theft systems. It is actively applied to ports, military bases, roads, airports, industrial complexes and highways

Special Report

Woven Fabrics for Window Blinds
Louis, a combi (ZEBRA) blackout product, is recognized in both the domestic and global market, is sold the most and has wide name recognition. As for its characteristics, it is a typical blackout product that has the function of blocking the UV and effectively controlling the light while giving a simple and clean impression in the diagonal direction.Lora, a combi ZEBRA general product, is a fabric made of glossy yarn and its finished product gives the elegant, classy and luxurious impression. In particular, the overall image of the product is reminiscent of winter with a warm and cozy


Processed Seafood
Pen-Shell Scallops are safely produced in a HACCP-certified facility using only domestically sourced wild clams collected by divers from a 20 to 50 meter deep ocean. Processed by qualified workers who receive sanitation training every month and tested by an accredited institution, these scallops can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or gender.The 3mm thin slices have a soft texture and can be enjoyed with marbled samap, pasta, shabu-shabu, salad, sushi, and many other dishes. he 6mm slices with the original texture of scallops are suitable for various grilled

Company To Watch

Eco-friendly Wireless Traffic Safety System (GIWICS)
G&I TECH Co., Ltd. is a company that develops, manufactures and sells traffic-safety systems, road studs, traffic-safety facilities, exit signs, exterior-lighting products, etc. Earning recognition from the Korean government for outstanding quality and performance of solar LED road studs developed by its skilled researchers, the company obtained the certification of SME performance and the designation of excellent procurement product for the first time in Korea in 2017. Thanks to its ceaseless R&D endeavors, the company was able to develop GIWICS (G&I Wireless Control System)

Tourist Attractions

Healthy Dishes for a Healthy You
There is a Korean saying that “food is medicine,” meaning eating good food is a great way to maintain good health. While getting sick on vacation isn’t on anyone’s itinerary, it can happen if you don’t pay attention to what you eat when traveling. In Korea, the best foods to keep up your energy are hearty and filling, from chicken dishes to noodles and seafood. Be sure to add these to your must-eat list for the next time you’re in Korea or at a Korean restaurant. Samgyetang, ginseng chicken soup, is by far the most commonly enjoyed food on this list, thanks to
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