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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 566

New & Hot

Mobile X-ray Fluoroscopy Screening Equipment
”OSCAR 15” is mobile X-ray fluoroscopy screening equipment that is optimized for surgical environments. Ever since its launch, its competitiveness has been proven in the global C-ARM market. Equipped with a rotating anode tube with 15kW-level X-ray generator and 26cm x 26cm CMOS flat panel detector, it enables users to acquire high-quality resolution images even with low dosage.Its de-noising function makes it possible to deliver optimized imaging quality, while its numerous pulsed X-ray modes significantly lower the risks of radiation among patients and users by

Cover Story

Educational Toy for Children
Oioiooi Alphabet Block Set is a brand created by a designer who is also a mother with the aim to motivate children to experience the world through play. Its design consists of characterized alphabets such as a snake eating an elephant from the story of the Little Prince. It is made up of a variety of products including wooden blocks, cards, picture books made of Korean and English alphabets. This product has won the Hangeul Idea Award and has been introduced at a number of international exhibitions such as Language Show Live and Feria del Libro de Buenos Aires.

Special Report

Recycled Fabrics
In July, 2021, Hyosung TNC, the world’s largest spandex manufacturer, released the results of a new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) comparing the environmental performance of its 100% recycled creora® regen spandex to its virgin creora spandex.Since the launch of Hyosung’s creora® regen spandex in January 2020, the company has produced an amount of fiber to offset the number of CO2 emissions equivalent to driving 1,000 times around the globe. Similarly, the production of creora® regen has the greenhouse gas (GHG) absorption impact of enough mature pine


Hydrogel Patches
Revitalization Hydrogel Eye Patch, containing hydrolyzed collagen that gives the eye rim elasticity, sodium hyaluronate that preserves moisture, and bioflavonoids and tocopheryl acetate, brightens the skin around the eyes.Its hydro-matrix has a three-dimensional structure. The non-woven fabric on the top layer prevents the evaporation of moisture and active ingredients, and the hydrogel in the middle absorbs heat from the skin, while cooling the loosened skin and keeping it moist for up to eight hours. It has been rated as “Excellent” by Dermatest, an internationally


Bladder Scanner
Mcube Technology Co.,Ltd. is a leading company specialized in medical devices for voiding dysfunction. Mcube Technology has a variety of solutions especially in urology, and its main product is the 3D ultrasound bladder scanner, which has been sold to clients in over 20 countries.Bladder Scanner is a portable 3D ultrasound scanner to measure the residual urine volume. Bladder Scanner can be used in various fields related to urination, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and saving time.Bladder Scanner is a non-invasive portable tool for managing and


Tidying Rack
The basics of interior design lie in tidying up. And for organizing, shelf space is needed. But the shelf is not easy to move around, or it is difficult to assemble. Simple Rack is something that anyone can assemble quickly and easily. Not even a bolt is required.There are three outstanding features of Simple Rack : Firstly, it is time saving. The bars and brackets are designed to be made as a rack easily. With its provided manual, customers can put it together almost the same as playing with lego. For example, according to data, within one minute and 40 seconds, you can


Hygiene & Health Care Products
Link UV-C sterilization tumbler is a product that combines a tumbler and LED UV-C. It is the first in Korea to sterilize 99.9% of the inside of the tumbler to ensure the safety of drinking water. This double-thermal insulation stainless steel tumbler can be used 80 times on a single charge. Developed at the request of a volunteer group in Africa for a water bottle with a sterilization function, this product is currently being supplied to a famous domestic coffee brand, A Twosome Place, while receiving good responses through online networks such as GS Home Shopping.

Company To Watch

Building Materials
BBYUCKSAN Corporation, as a leading comprehensive construction material company in Korea, is manufacturing and selling a number of construction materials including ISOPINK (XPS Board), non-combustible inorganic insulators like mineral wool and glass wool, ceiling materials, floor materials and exterior building materials — to take the lead in the relevant markets.BYUCKSAN supplies ISOPINK, glass wool, mineral wool and BACE panels as its representative products. ISOPINK is an extrusion method foam insulator, boasting the best quality in Korea. The foam

Exhibition Preview

Korea Electronics Show 2021
The Korea Electronics Show, which was first held in 1969, is Korea’s largest and leading professional brand exhibition for the electronics and ICT industry. It is expected to again be a business networking festival showcasing the present and future prospects for the related industries. The core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution can be seen at the show. Exhibition items will include AI, IoT, robots, wearables, smart home appliances, home entertainments, vehicle technology, electronic parts & materials, health & wellness, VR/AR & 3D convergence, and startup

Tourist Attractions

Hottest Attractions on Jeju Island’s Eastern Coast
HHamdeok Seoubong Beach is located just over 50 minutes’ drive away from Jeju International Airport in the direction of Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone. The beach is perfect for beginner swimmers and touring families as the waters are only waist-high even away from shore. Located at Hamdeok Seoubong Beach, Café Delmoondo is the perfect spot to relax. A sip of an icy cold drink while taking in the ocean view from Café Delmoondo’s terrace is its own reward. Another trending café near the beach is Bora Roof, newly opened in early 2021. As the name implies
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