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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 565

New & Hot

Various Food Products
Paprika Red Pepper Paste, Soybean Paste produced by Cheongsol Food Ltd. are made using carefully selected domestic raw materials including paprika, dried pollack, blue crab, shrimp, and shiitake mushroom.Ox Bone Soup is a thick soup made by simmering 100% Korean ox bones through a patented technology from drawing out blood to extracting ox bone soup broth. Probiotics Drink is a fermented anti-cancer drink containing ingredients helpful for immunity improvement and anti-cancer effect.Hangover Helper with Postbiotics Ingredients is a premium

Special Report

Various High-Functional Cosmetics
Bouncell Aging Remover Cream helps to lift-up wrinkles and bring elasticity to the skin and fill in wrinkles within two minutes. It is fast-absorbed and dramatically fills in the wrinkles through a formula similar to Botox. The Acetyl hexapeptide-8, so-called Botox peptide, keeps the skin texture balanced. The peptide and special polymer help to manage smooth skin texture while adenosine and snail secretion filtrate help to improve skin elasticity. Unlike other wrinkle care products, Bouncell Aging Remover Cream can be applied right before the makeup.


KF-94 Mask
EG Guard KF 94 Mask is manufactured using 100% Korean raw materials and has acquired various international certifications including CE (EN149), ASTM Level 3, ISO-13485, and FDA Device Class 2. It was also introduced in ‘Special COVID-19 Pandemic,” a documentary produced by Arirang TV in recognition of its superb quality. EG Guard Surgical Mask has been awarded FDA 510(k) clearance, ASTM Level 3 PASS, ISO-13485, and FDA Device Class 2, and is currently exported to general hospitals in the United States.EG Guard Antimicrobial Mask has


Food Container Sealer
Based on research and technology related to vacuum packaging films and polymers accumulated by its CEO during SK Innovation (1998~2002), BLT has steadily exported home vacuum packaging machines and vacuum packaging films to Europe and other regions since its establishment in 2013.In addition, based on the patented technology developed with its own technology, BLT recently developed a new-concept food-packaging machine that makes it easy to pack all foods for the first time in the world and food packaging materials with good oxygen barrier


BST Polyethylene Pipes
Bosung Polytech’s BST pipes are economical and have long durability. This is because of the characteristics of polyethylene, the main material of the BST pipe.As polyethylene is cheap and lightweight, it can shorten the construction period. In addition, the polyethylene pipe is not easily contaminated with acid, alkali, salt or bacteria, and does not break easily when applied.BST pipe has improved the strength of polyethylene pipes with its proven production technology and is used in various industrial fields such as water pipes, sewer pipes, and floating


Multifunctional Bedding
Boneve Siwon Seersucker is hygienic bedding made by removing impurities through real pigment washing processing to colorize the product by boiling and steaming for a long time with dyes and enzymes at a high temperature of -60˚C or higher. Such a process makes the texture softer, as well as gives natural color and wrinkles, while minimizing deformation after washing.The front is a reversible product made using ice seersucker that is preferred in summer for its embossed surface, and the reverse side using 60-count Asa fabric pure cotton, which is a hypoallergenic

Company To Watch

Empowering Clients to Harness the Power of Data Management
I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. is a Seoul-based software company established in 1999. We started as a CMS(Content Management System) company with strong core technology, unstructured data management and now have become the industry leader in the far-east Asian region. – taking the leading market share in both Korea and Japan.For 22 years, we have developed and provided data management solutions to more than 1,600 domestic and overseas clients in various fields.Notably, we have recently been expanding our verticals into many different business sectors

Investment Chance

Promoting Strategic Cooperation Between Strong Small Enterprises and Overseas Enterprises
BizHospital promotes strategic cooperation between strong small enterprises and overseas enterprises. BizHospital has long built up an extensive network of strong small enterprises (SSEs) with promising technologies, product competitiveness and a future-oriented vision. Specialized in business partnership, BizHospital searches for prospective SSEs and assists in arranging meetings and presentations, discussing business partnerships, and contract negotiation. Partnership models to be discussed and determined by SSEs and overseas enterprises

Tourist Attractions

10 Summer Beach Destinations
Guryongpo Beach in Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do HGuryongpo Beach is about 24 kilometers away from Pohang and 1.5 kilometers from Guryongpo-eup. Thanks to the gentle slope of the ocean floor and the clean seawater, Guryongpo Beach is a favorite vacation spot for swimming enthusiasts. The beach is also popular among fishermen, many of whom troll their lines in Yeongilman Bay. Sokcho Beach in Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do Sokcho Beach is well known for the picturesque pine trees that stand proudly along its white sandy coast.
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