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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 554

New & Hot

Flower Tea Mat & Flower Basket
The Nubi Flower tea mat is made by reinterpreting the Korean traditional quilting process. The carefully quilted mat, which comes in the shape of flower petals, enables people to imagine a moment of a friendly conversation among fully bloomed flowers under the sun.Nubi Flower Basket is made by folding the nubi flower mats and sewing them along the cutting line. A single design results in two completely different products, which highlights the artist’s clever and witty sense. Based on the fact that baskets are part of the tableware in the western culture, the artist

Cover Story

Skincare Product for Babies
GNST, the name of which stands for “Good Night, Sleep Tight,” is a brand designed for quality sleep for babies without waking up due to skin problems. Coco Cream showed a 78% improvement in sleep disorders in a clinical trial, making it the brand’s flagship product.The Pyrus Ussuriensis leaf extract, used only by GNST in Korea, has been successfully formulated by utilizing the technology provided by the National Institute of Biological Resources and Gachon University. GNST launched Coco Body Lotion and Coco Bath & Shampoo along with Coco Cream

Special Report

Power Supply Devices
Founded in 2015, XPOwer Co., Ltd., as a specialized supplier of power supply devices, has been largely manufacturing power supplies for LED lighting, rectifiers for communication equipment, and chargers. XPOwer seeks ways to be a top-supplier of power supply devices – based upon its approach of prioritizing reliable management, quality-first, and customer-first. This variable charger is compatible with the charging variables of different types of batteries. It is usable within certain ranges (from 20~100V, 0~100A). This product allows


Removable DIY Curtains
VEILISH, a removable curtain that can be printed in various desired designs, requires no more use of plastic film for covering windows. Consisting of three colors — White, Rose Gray, and Black — VEILISH is an excellent alternative in the PVC window deco market with its high-quality, eco-friendly fabric materials.Unlike the existing PVC wallpapers that are embossed imitations of the fabric textures, this curtain adheres to the wall, offering unique warmth and naturalness of the material. Since it can be easily attached and detached by non-professionals, this product ensures excellent


Health Food
LIDAM Red Ginseng Extract Powder is a premium red ginseng stick made using high-quality red ginseng with high-end technology. Its volume has been increased at the same price, with its luxurious packaging making it a very suitable gift to present to important people. Containing red ginseng extract and red ginseng honey syrup, as well as Vitamin D, which is highly deficient in modern people. It has been certified as a health functional food by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. LIDAM Berry Red Ginseng Plus contains eight berries and collagen.Anthocyanins and vitamin C-rich


Expanded Beam Connector
Traditional butt-contact fiber optic connectors have proved to be unreliable in harsh environment applications due to their sensitivity to dirt, dust, mud, water, oil, and other contaminants. Expanded beam fiber optic connectors offer the solution. The benefits of expanded beam technology over butt-contact connectors demonstrate how expanded beam connectors offer improved reliability in military and other harsh environment applications. The fundamental drawback of butt-contact connectors is that when un-mated, the fiber itself is fully


Die Change Car
CHEON GI INDUSTRIAL’s die change car is a system to move heavy molds in and out. CHEON GI INDUSTRIAL’s car is designed and manufactured based on its customers’ requests and the working environment.The mold change system can be pulled in through the front and back or the left or right of a press and be categorized into a single car (for one mold) and a double car (for two molds).For instance, assuming that it would take about 5 minutes to replace each and every one of the molds installed in one line of the press (five presses in total), five of the molds can be

Tourist Attractions

10 Summer Beach Destinations
If you’re planning on vacationing in Korea this summer, be sure to check out at least one of the following beach destinations! Korea is surrounded on three sides by water, giving it plenty of beaches in a variety of shapes and sizes that offer a welcomed escape from everyday life. Since most beaches in Korea officially open in June or July and close towards the end of August, visitors have only a few months to splash around in the water and soak up the rays. But don’t worry if you miss out on the official summer beach season, as there are plenty of sightseeing
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