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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 529

New & Hot

Various Functional Cosmetics
Peptides are portions of chain amino acid monomers which are building blocks of proteins found in every body part. As an outstanding alternative to retinol, Peptides are known as excellent elements to help the skin elasticity improve and solve skin problems.
Instead of general large emulsion droplets, this product has an elastic texture based on
Cream Soap & Cleanser
Mondereve Angel Wash and Clasela Mild Facial Wash have obtained EWG below status 3 for all their materials without adding surfactants and oils and passed a clinical test for non-irritation of the skin. They do not contain the six types of paraben, with no CMIT MIT detected.
This low-irritating pure vegetable cream has excellent detergency and maintains
Skincare & Makeup Products
Rich in vitamins, amino acids, retinol, and minerals, Jungnani Truffle All day drop (Day/ Night) suppresses active oxygen and helps regenerate skin, enhance skin immunity, and cleanse the skin. It also contains niacinamide to resolve darkening of the skin that is dull and has lost elasticity. The Adenosine, a functional wrinkle-improving ingredient,
Mask Pack
PACKAGE, a skin care brand launched by Daeintech Inc. in 2017, is made from natural ingredients to help soothe, heal, and relax one’s skin. Containing no paraben, fragrances, alcohol, mineral oils, silicone, pigment, PEG, or phenoxy-ethanol, each mask has a unique feel and provides a massaging effect to help boost the skin. I LOVE MYSELF Makeup Boosting Mask is made from AHA-BHA complex
LED Desk lamp & Vacuum Sealer
Flexible Leather LED Desk lamp is the first combination of leather and electronics in Korea, featuring the texture of PU leather with colorful desk lamp. A variety of shapes are available for the LED desk lamp thanks to the flexibility. It is also easy to carry when folded. Labella Handheld Mini Vacuum is an ultra-compact vacuum sealer. It is equipped with a powerful
Compact Air Purifier
Airpot produced by ILGOP KOREA is an air purifier made by using a patented nano photocatalyst technology. The LED blue light emits pure visible light like sunlight, completely disinfecting the air by decomposing viruses, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds. Unlike other products that produce ultraviolet rays or ozone, Airpot is harmless to the
Auto-Sensing Conveyor Date Marking Machine
Goodprice’s auto-sensing conveyor date marking machine moves the container, when laid on the left side of the top conveyor, to the right automatically. One container is recognized by a motion sensor and is stamped with inkjet printer. Marking is available anywhere, including circular containers, top or side of a bottle, side of the rectangular container, etc. It is possible to mark date
Wine Bottle Corker
This product is a machine that inserts (sealing) the cork (stopper) on the top of a wine bottle, it has a very simple structure. It does not use electricity nor does it apply a pneumatic system. Put the bottle on the fixing frame placed at the bottom of the machine as shown in the picture above, adjust the height and lower the lever at the top downward and then, the cork will be
High Frequency Charger
CHARBES is a high frequency charger from Dongeun Charger that is light, noise-free, and small for easy handling. The CHARBES has energy efficiency of 90% and can save electricity cost in charging acid battery anywhere and everywhere. The CHARBES can be carried onboard, mounted on or installed in forklifts or transport machine, over the spatial
5-axis Welding Robot
Samjin Wel-Tech recently released the 5-axis welding robot, minimizing unnecessary functions and specializing in welding work. It has established a welding machine brand named OMEGA Wel-Tech in South Korea and is now preparing to make a leap forward as a global enterprise extending to the overseas market.
Cryotherapy Chamber
Cryotherapy chamber recently released by Seilufreezer Co. Ltd., an enterprise specializing in the cryogenic freezing system, is composed of the freezing system. This product has such features as it can be easily used like a refrigerator or an air conditioner if only the power is supplied and, once the setting is completed, there is little maintenance and repair cost other than electricity bill.
TS (Time Stop) Quick Freezing System
Could it be possible to maintain the natural taste of food with the frozen food? Usually, when the food is frozen, cell membranes are destroyed and as a result, the texture and taste of the food is significantly reduced. In the academic circles, after an experiment to maintain taste, color and flavor, researchers have found out that cells became frozen before bursting if they were
50 kW Stand-alone Hybrid Power Conversion System
ELT Inc. an enterprise specializing in eco-friendly energy, recently launched a 50kW stand-alone hybrid power conversion system (PCS) that can establish a microgrid and energy storage system (ESS). Stand-alone hybrid PCS is a product that can comprehensively control solar power equipment, battery, and power generation system. PCS is a device that converts the power of ESS that stores
Commercial Recycler of Food Waste
JNH Company’s commercial recycler of food waste is able to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic by drastically improving decomposition speed and odor due to the adoption of the organic waste disposal method using carrier. The commercial recycler of food waste has remarkably improved not only decomposition speed and odor problem, but also power consumption
Car Black Box
Thinkware has recently announced that it will launch INAVI QXD1500 which is a premium connected black box equipped with INAVI Connected, having the real-time communication interlocking function and INAVI QXD1500 Black Panther Edition which is a marvel collaboration model. INAVI QXD1500 is equipped with an INAVI Connected function that enables you to check
Set-top Type Navigation System
Thinkware recently announced that it will launch ‘INAVI X3 Cube’, a set-top type navigation system compatible with both domestic and imported cars. INAVI X3 Cube is a set-top type navigation system that can use the INAVI navigation function as a genuine form through a set-top box installation and it can be installed if LCD is embedded
Hybrid Car
KIA Motors Corporation recently released ‘The New K5 Hybrid’, a new model whose design was changed and safety and convenience were improved more than before. According to KIA, ‘The New K5 Hybrid’ has a combined fuel economy of 18.0 km / ℓ (based on 16-inch tires), which is more

Special Report

Functional Coating Films & Adhesive Tapes
The functional coating films such as high hardness, anti-glare, anti-static, anti-fingerprint, hydrophobic, and anti-fog coatings, manufactured by TAEKWANG M-Tech Co., Ltd., are designed as single or multiple films featuring more than two functions. They are coated with technology-intensive
Foot Peeling Mask
SalaNsu Foot Peeling Mask is a beauty care product designed to take care of the skin at home. It is a foot pack that allows effective foot exfoliating in three steps, which takes about an hour. First, apply the scrub-type foot exfoliating cream to remove the keratin on the foot. Then put on the pack type Peeling Softener Foot
Anti-hangover Drink
As the anti-hangover supplement market has considerably expanded, a variety of products have been released. In the midst of numerous counterparts, DONGHAEBIO Co., Ltd. has the world’s first hangover drink made by using fermentation technology. Its main ingredients include banaba, bitter cucumber, moringa, green tea. They are mainly
Hair & Skin Care Products
DeNavi Scalp Care Hair Wash and Denavi Scalp Care Hair Serum are made from a combination of various high-functional raw materials, in particular, coffee nuts. It treats sensitive scalp comfortably and improves the condition of the scalp and hair, thereby providing excellent care for itchy scalp and hair loss. DeNavi Sea Caviar Moisture Whitening
Multipurpose Hanger
Smart TOK is a product that can be used as a multipurpose hanger anywhere. In particular, it gives a more comfortable grip when used for a mobile phone. Its usability is extended even more by enhancing the adhesive strength of the surface. Made of polycarbonate that is 100 times stronger than glass, the IQOS Smartphone Case
3D Sublimation Transfer Film
TREDIS is an exclusive film for the 3D curved surfaces sublimating transfer printing. It is particularly outstanding in elongation (over 300%) showing a great adaptability for any curved surfaces. Free from the conventional aluminum evaporation type applied to most other films, this semitransparent film provides excellent color
Fermented Black Garlic & Extract
The most important element of food is raw materials. Joy Natural uses garlic grown on the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula, with cool sea breezes and abundant sunshine. Rich in marine minerals, Joy Natural Unpeeled Fermented Black Garlic has the original flavor of black garlic produced by fermenting and dry aging the carefully selected
Body Care Products
All In One Total Body Care and Starinstar are all-in-one products for body care such as body perfume, body scrub, body lotion, and soothing gel. In particular, using natural scouring walnut shell ingredients, these products are good for the skin as the organic argan oil and moisturizing ingredients form moisturizing effects to maintain
Functional Cosmetics for Whitening & Wrinkle Improvement
VU:NIQUE Cucumber Soothing Gel softens skin that has suffered damage from strong ultraviolet rays and provides refreshing moisture to the skin. It also contains vitamin C-rich citrus extract produced on Jeju Island in Korea to soothe tired skin. This cucumber soothing gel is certified by the Korea KFDA for its whitening and wrinkle improvement
Cosmetics & Household Products
GS Chem Co., Ltd. is Korea No. 1 aerosol manufacturer equipped over 42 years accumulated expertise and development capability from development of raw solutions to charging. Since the establishment of a technological research institute in 2006, GS Chem has grown steadily to move to a larger
Fine Dust Block Cream
When ultrafine particles (commonly known as “fine dust”) come in contact with the skin, they penetrate the pores, and these pollutants greatly damage the function of the region in direct contact as a skin barrier. As a result, they cause various skin irritations including atopic dermatitis and allergic diseases. LAZEALL Skin Dust Protection
Functional Hygiene Products
RafaRophe Premium Restore Soap and RafaRophe Premium Hair Care Shampoo developed by RafaRophe Co. are produced by using a unique eco-bio manufacturing technology for enzyme treatment, fermentation and refinement to create outstanding functionality from the combination of 11 raw materials. Containing a high
Industrial Safety Equipment
MK Goggle is designed to solve the inconvenience of the existing safety goggles that do not offer sufficient protection against moisture, frost, and fine dust. Equipped with a fan motor and ducts, it has a registered patent and utility model. The built-in fans remove fine dust and moisture on the glass caused by air blowing on the lens. MK Goggle features
Seasoned Seaweed & Seafood Products
Sunhaesim seaweed snack with cumin is made of Korean seaweed and cumin, an Asian spice. Containing taurine and vitamins B1 B2 and abundant minerals, Korean seaweed has been proven to be effective in cancer prevention and suppression, alcohol degradation, and inhibition of aging and obesity. Cumin is known to have anti-cancer effects,
Functional Health Food
Rockpid is a functional health food certified by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. PLAG, the main ingredient of Rockpid, is a naturally duplicated single compound which originally exists in natural deer antler. It has been clinically tested to improve immune modulation, hematopoiesis and antiinflammation. By stimulating hematopoietic stem
Brown Rice Bran Extract
HyunmiYechan Rice Bran Extract is made by fermenting rice bran that contains 95% nutritional value of brown rice with mycelium of Cordyceps militaris. It is a product that allows one to comfortably ingest various kinds of brown rice that are usually difficult to eat. In addition, it can be used as a raw material for various foods due to its stable quality. The rice bran extract produced by RBR
Dietary Supplements
FUDI Body Confidence Diet Jelly Stick is a jelly-type diet supplement that is easy to carry and contains Garcinia Cambogia extract and wild mango extract. Garcinia Cambogia extract helps prevent weight loss by inhibiting the synthesis of carbohydrates into fat. Wild mango extract is an effective ingredient to inhibit fat production. In addition, it contains Vitamin-rich fruit
Korean Wood-Cultivated Ginseng
FAMILAC is a lactic product that can be eaten by the whole family. Lactobacillus, which is the raw material, contains more than 1 billion patent lactic acid bacteria produced by Rochersa, one of the world’s top-three lactic acid bacteria manufacturers. One capsule per day can be taken by having it melt in the mouth. It is favored by children for its excellent
Bean Products
Black Bean Powder produced by Designnongboo Co., Ltd. is convenient to eat only using black beans that are rich in anthocyanin and proteins free of sugar, antiseptic, and food preservatives. A novel disposable stick pack features convenient portability and storage, antioxidation,
Ready-To-Eat Instant Rice
YABUL is instant rice that can be cooked without fire in the outdoors. The package contains a heating agent, cold water, and food. Take out the heating agent, then pour cold water into the pack. Then close the lid and wait until it boils. The food is cooked in about ten minutes. It has an excellent texture
Health Food
Healthy Yam Meal is made of alpha rice powder, black rice, yam, peanut, nonglutinous rice, rye, bean, corn, brown rice, glutinous rice, African millet, black sesame, perilla, glutinous millet, black bean, adlay, corn starch, vegetable creamer, processed peanut powder, glucose, and salt. It prevents hypertension,
Premium Aloe Drinks
OKF Aloe Vera King, the world’s top-selling aloe drink, contains natural ingredients and organic aloe and is considered as the pioneering standard bearer of aloe drinks. Containing 30% aloe, the beverage comes in various natural flavors. People in over 160 countries now enjoy Aloe Vera King for its health benefits and
Ham & Sausage
Jejumam is a ham café that sells ham and sausage made from nonantibiotic black pork farmed on Jeju Island in Korea. It is also a brand name produced by Peacevillage, a social enterprise for the disabled, which has been established for the vocational rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities. It is also a meatprocessing company equipped with a food
Measuring Devices
Founded in 1989, Dacell Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing standard load cells based on groundbreaking technological capabilities, as well as special load cells for use in a wide range of applications. In addition to a wide variety of load cell products ranging from low-capacity subminiature load cells to
Agricultural Equipment
DAEHO’s harrow is a farm working machine used by attaching it to a tractor. It is an essential agricultural machine used for fl attening an irrigated paddy field before rice planting. The web-type lifelong harrow of DAEHO, boasting the largest market share among domestic brands, has compatibility applicable to all models of both domestic
Forming Machine for Paper Plates
Founded in 2011, SIORCHEM has been professionally engaged in manufacturing of high- quality forming machines for paper plates. Despite its shorter business history than competitors both domestically and overseas, the company has been successfully releasing new concept worldclass paper plates and various molds according to customer’s requirements
Hydraulic Breaker & Excavator Attachment
NEOBUZZ Demolition Tools Co., Ltd. is a Korean company specializing in designing, manufacturing and selling hydraulic breakers & excavator attachments. It exports to as many as 30 countries including those in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and CIS. NEOBUZZ Hydraulic breaker delivers strong impact power, excellent stability & durability, easy maintenance and
Auger Equipment and Hydraulic Crane
Key members of Taekang Industrial Co., Ltd. have more than 20 years experiences in the field of auger crane and hydraulic crane at major special vehicle makers in the country. Established in 2007, Taekang Industrial has been supplying auger crane, drilling equipment, hydraulic crane and attachments to the local market as well as foreign countries, thereby enjoying a good
Servo Actuators
Founded in 1973, Hitec designs and produces high-quality servo actuators for a variety of applications and demands. Its mission to develop innovative, dependable and resilient products has been the foundation of its manufacturing processes and facilities. And through the continued expansion of servo actuator technology allows the company to provide the
Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder LNG Vehicle Fuel Cylinder
Established in 1996, HanbeeCryo Co., Ltd. is the only company in S. Korea to produce cryogenic liquid gas cylinder (LGC) for over 20 years. HanbeeCryo produces only cylinders that pass the inspection according to the inspection items specified in Code KGS (Korea Gas Safety Corporation) AC 213 & 416.


Various High-Functional Cosmetics
Bouncell Aging Remover Cream helps to lift-up wrinkles and bring elasticity to the skin and fill in wrinkles within two minutes. It is fast-absorbed and dramatically fills in the wrinkles through a formula similar to Botox. The Acetyl hexapeptide-8, so-called Botox peptide, keeps the skin texture balanced. The peptide and special polymer help to manage smooth skin
Crispy Seasoned Laver
Having maintained a tradition of producing laver products for two generations since 1990, Kcwoorigim Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in direct distribution of products to customers in pursuit of improvement of the taste and quality by reducing the cost of logistics. With the motto, “The taste of products depends on fresh raw materials,”
Premium Functional Cosmetics
Deliver to You the Essence of Jeju’s Nature
What is Volcanic Mineral Water? The water has been purified of any kinds of pollutants as it has gone through volcanic rock beds. The island was formed as a result of dozens of volcanic activities
High-Functional Toothpaste
Oral health touches every aspect of our lives, but is often taken for granted!
According to recent researches, many specialists have found that patients with tooth decay and gum disease have much higher risk of heart and kidney diseases and even diabetes. However, a majority

Exhibition Preview

Preview in SEOUL 2018
Preview in Seoul will be held from September 5 to 7, 2018 at the COEX Korea Exhibition Center in Seoul, Korea. First organized by the Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) in January 2000, Preview in Seoul has become Korea’s premier textile exhibition aiming to create
2018 InterCHARM Beauty Expo Korea
The InterCHARM Beauty Expo Korea (Korea International Beauty Expo & International Hair & Scalp Care Expo) will take place from October 4 to 6, 2018 at the COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul, Korea. First launched in 2003 as one of Korea’s biggest exhibitions in the beauty industry, InterCHARM Beauty Expo Korea has achieved a remarkable 14 years
The 11th International Green Car Korea
Everything about green cars from finished cars to parts and services is set be displayed.
The 11th International Green Car Korea will be held from July 5 to 7 at the Kim Daejung Convention Center in Gwangju. Hosted by the Gwangju Metropolitan City and co-conducted by the Kim Daejung Convention Center,
International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology
To be held July 5 to 7 at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju, displaying EVs for the first time
The 2018 International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT) will be held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju from July 5 to 7, introducing the Korean and

Trade News

Machinery Drives Export
Even though two main export items are excluded, it is possible to maintain upbeat due to construction machinery which is proving to be competitive.
When we worry about the Korean economy, the words not removed at all are ‘the phenomenon of semiconductors’ sole lead.’
The Production and Export of Automobiles on the Decline are Decreased
Export of eco-friendly vehicles and SUV with high unit prices increased.
South Korea’s domestic automobile industry has diminished its decline since February, although both production and exports have decreased in terms of vehicle numbers. In May, exports of both automobiles (1.9%)


Submersible Aerator
KISAN Machinery Inc., a specialized manufacturer of submersible equipment, producing submersible pumps, submersible agitators, submersible aeration devices, blowers, diffusers, and various other kinds of pumps. KISAN Machinery Inc. exhibited a submersible aerator, a vortex pump for wastewater and sewage, etc. in the International Exhibition
Ultra-precision Spectroscopy
Dongwoo Optron Co., Ltd., has established in 1989, succeeded in the localization of ultra-precision spectroscopy in 1998. Based on the development/manufacturing experience of optical instruments for many years, we succeeded in developing the Flue Gas Analyzer in 2007 a first in Korea. Over the past 10 years, Dongwoo Optron has delivered more than 460 sets of products to facilities
Cleaning Equipment of Refrigerant Pipes
It has been announced that a cleaning technology capable of using the existing refrigerant pipes without replacement has been developed. Bumsuk Engineering has developed a cleaning equipment of refrigerant pipes for the system air conditioner which can use the recovered refrigerant as a cleaning agent. R22 was the refrigerant of system air-conditioners (multi-conditioners,
Eco-friendly Care Mat
Due to global climate change and rapid industrial development, our surroundings are exposed to harmful environmental substances. Particularly in South Korea, we need to pay special attention as our health can be damaged by harmful substances, such as yellow dust, fine dust, smog from China, super viruses, murder mites, fine dust of

Company to Watch

Autonomous Driving Platforms & Services
SpringCloud was founded in 2017 as a developer of autonomous driving platforms and services. With more than 10 years of experiences, know-hows, and technology in the field of automobile, SpringCloud is about to face a new challenge of autonomous driving platforms and services. In cooperation with the Infobank, a listed company in KOSDAQ, a SpringCloud is developing infrastructure for
Dae Gyeong Ace Tech Started to Lead S. Korean Green Car Industry
Dae Gyeong Ace Tech is one of the most competent company that can design and manufacture precision press and injection molds, electronic and electricity components, connectors, and sockets. Dae Gyeong Ace Tech always works for the maximum profit of the customers. This company conducts

Industry Trends

Kumho Tire to Supply Tires to Volkswagen Atlas
Kumho Tire Co., Ltd. recently announced that it will supply OE (tires for new cars) for the 2018 new models of Atlas, Volkswagen’s large SUV. The Volkswagen Group, ranked as the first place in global sales of complete vehicles in 2017, is a global leading automaker having famous brands of Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini and Porsche. Atlas is the first full-size seven-seater SUV developed by Volkswagen to
Hankook Tire to Take Over ‘Modle Solution’ for KRW68.6 billion
Hankook Tire recently announced that they will acquire 75% stakes of ‘Model Solution Ltd.’, an advanced digital prototype solution company, for KRW68.6 billion. Hankook Tire will incorporate Model Solution into its affiliate by acquiring 75% total of its shares including a 51% stake on ‘Laird,’ a UK electronics company, and a 24% stake on Crescendo Equity Partners, a global private equity firm. Model Solution, established in 1993,
Korea’s Consumer Sentiment Chills by Fastest Pace since Impeachment
According to data recently released by the Bank of Korea, South Korea’s composite consumer sentiment index (CCSI) for June deteriorated 2.4 percentage points from the May reading to 105.5, lowest since 100.8 in April last year. The last time consumer sentiment soured so abruptly was in November 2016 following the legislative impeachment on sitting Korean president Park
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