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KOTRA Seal of Excellence 2012

Photovoltaic Inverters XP500-HV-TL

KACO New Energy Inc., a subsidiary of KACO New Energy GmbH in Germany, is a world leading photovoltaic inverter manufacturer. The company has its independent R&D center and manufacturing facility in Korea, along with outstanding technical power to compete with global photovoltaic inverter manufacturer. Its main business is to develop and manufacture central photovoltaic inverters with capacities ranging from 100kW to 500kW. More than 80% of the products goes to Europe, USA and others. With its continuous investment in R&D, the company has acquired the UL, CE and CGC certificate.

Bluetooth LED Pendent

The beautiful and elegant wing shaped Bluetooth LED kitchen light gives slim and ordinary appearance for the living room. In addition, this light has a Bluetooth enabled speaker so that user can listen to the music and speaker phone call to enhance comfortability, and also the effectiveness of kitchen work by touch sensor which controls the brightness.

SDPCVD (Space Divided Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition)

Developed by Jusung Engineering, SDPCVD (Space Divided Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition) is considered to be one of the most advanced and promising technologies as the system can handle all of the deposition processes by PECVD, LPCVD and ALD.

Generator & Switchgear

Bokuk Electric Ind. Co.,Ltd. has manufactured wide range of generators and switchgears for more than a half century since its establishment in 1961. The company’s main products includes alternators (5 ~ 3,000Kw), diesel generator set (5 ~ 3,000Kw), gas turbine generators (2MW ~ 5MW), gas CHP system (100 ~ 1000Kw), HV & LV switchgear, photovoltaic generators, welding generators and packaged power supply systems.

Photovoltaic Modules

Spun off from Samsung Electronics in 2001, S-Energy has built up successful business relationships with European and Japanese market players, taking a giant step forward to be the No.1 module manufacturer and System integrator in the global PV market. The company’s products and services include PV modules (photovoltaic module, stand-alone module, BIPV module) and system integration.

Mono and Multi Crystalline Solar Cells, PV Modules

Shinsung Solar Energy has started PV business, the key field of renewable energy since 2007, and now it has 350MW solar cell annual capacity at Jeungpyeong, Chungbuk and 150 solar module annual capacity at Eumseong Chungbuk. Shinsung achieved the world first 20.03% conversion efficiency rate for solar cell, and 19.2% efficiency rate in mass production in 2012.

Mono- and Poly-crystalline Solar Modules

Symphony Energy is a solar module manufacturer whose main products are mono/polycrystalline solar modules (2/3bust-bar, 225-260W). Deigned with optimized solar cells and made with highly durable poly-crystalline/mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, Symphony Energy’s SE6M60 series poly-crystalline solar module and SE6S60 mono-crystalline solar module, can generate more electric power than rival modules and lasts more than 20 years.

LED Lighting Systems

Insung Enpla, established in 1999 as a high-tech venture company specialized in manufacturing ultra-precision parts for such fields as the machinery industry, now focuses on developing and producing high-quality LED lamps. As environmentally friendly products, not containing magnesium and lead, Insung Enpla’s LED lamps has many merits.

Grid-Connected PV Inverter

Since its establishment in 1998, Hex Power System has specialized in developing various grid-connected inverters, installing hundreds of them domestically.

Energypia CDM Solar Street Lightings

Wonkwang NEC Co. is a specialized manufacture of solar street lamps. The company’s Energypia solar street lightings are particularly designed to increase the efficiency of solar lamps, which has such features as the following: It uses CDM lamps instead of LED lamps, while requiring no electric power as it doesn’t need a stabilizer.

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