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Metal Clad Wire-wound Resistors

[Metal Clad Wire-wound Resistors]
RARA Electronics Corp., which marks 22 years of business as of 2012, manufactures metal clad wire-wound high power
resistors that are flexible, durable and conform to international materials specifications such as RoHS and WEEE.

The company’s major product metal clad wire-wound high power resistors fully meet the UL® and IP65 certifications. The wire-wound element configurations can absorb large amounts of pulsed power with safety.

These models come with an aluminum case that adds durability and enhances hearing conduction away from the components.

RARA Electronics has also another competitive resistor named “shunt resistors” that were originally designed as custom orders and therefore come in a wide selection of sizes, packages and power ratings that range from one to one thousand amps.

Some standard applications for these products are: Battery Management systems; ECU, ABS, EPs of Automobiles; Electricity
Meters; Panel Meters; BLDC Motor Drives; and AC/DC Motor controllers.

Since 2008, the company has been supplying shunt resistors that can handle massive power ratings from 100A up to 1000A.
These were designed primarily for the testing and design of electric vehicles.

RARA Electronics’ President Kim Sang-gon described the company’s success in overseas markets: “Currently, RARA
Electronics’ wire-wound resistors are briskly supplied to Northern Europe’s boiler market and wind power industry worldwide.

The recent export of our wire-wound resistors to this region with its huge potential is growing. The growth prospects of exports to the European region are very positive as our products are to be used in more than 2 million boiler units annually.”
“As the demand for electric cars is expected to rise significantly in the near future, our products that are used in such cars are to see increased demand, not only domestically, but also abroad as well,” he continued, further adding “Our
IP67-certified products are currently adopted as industrial cleansers in the United States, and these products are expected to be more used since the demand of industrial cleanser is increasing in a wide range of industrial fields.
100BL-11L, 666-19, Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
E-mail: /
Tel: (82-32) 817-4325
Fax: (82-32) 817-4329
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