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Active & Passive Components
Photovoltaic Inverter
DASS Tech mainly manufactures grid-tied photovoltaic inverters that convert direct current electricity (DC in short) into alternating current electricity (AC in short) and feeds it into an existing electrical grid.
LED Controller
Zephyr Logic, a premier ESD solution provider in the nation, is focusing its efforts on providing environmentally friendly applications such as LEDs, low-power standby, etc.
LED Cluster
ARTWARE Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, supplies an optimum system to satisfy requirements of customers on the basis of its technology and experience.
SIDT (Solid Insulation Distribution Transformer)
Since 1986, Cheryong Industrial Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing general power electric equipment such as distribution transformers, switchgears, and hardwires & fittings for distribution and transmission lines.
Neon Transformers and LED Modules.
Established in 1972, Daehantrans Co., Ltd. has produced neon transformers for nearly 40 years. Since 2003, the company has expanded into developing and manufacturing a cutting-edge LED modular system.
GPS Chip
U-Blox Korea’s recently released solution of “Empion Live 3D” for automobiles is attracting much attention from the navigation market. It is a new concept of solution that allows the user to confirm the location whether the GPS signal is originally blocked or weak, by integrating the information received from both GPS satellite and sensor installed on car.
Mold Transformer
As an expert transformer manufacturing company, Samil Transformer has devoted itself to producing optimized transformers through integrating computer science in its innovative design and production technology.
H.264 A/V decoder, Multimedia Processors
C&S Technology Inc. is a leading non-memory chip manufacturer in Korea
providing various semiconductor processors and solutions for automobiles,
broadcasting and communication.
Video Security Chipset
NEXTCHIP manufactures various chip sets for video security. The
company’s products include the camera Image Signal Processor (ISP) which
converts analog TV image signals from CCD sensors of CCTV cameras,
video decoders which convert the analog TV image signal into digital video
components (YCbCr), video controllers which realize such functions as
screen split, PIP and OSD by receiving multiple digital video signals, Video
codec chip which compress/decompress data for storing/play, etc.
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