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Eco-Friendly Color Clay
With the principles of reducing waste in clean environment and use safe materials, Manjirak is composed of environmentally friendly modeling materials, including wax, oil, processed starch, so that they are sanitary and harmless to humans. The multipurpose, non-toxic and erpetually recyclable Manjirak has no crack even in unpacked state

Robot Kit
Roborobo robot kit helps children understand robot technology based on the useful and various assembly components such as CPU board, contact sensor board, infrared sensor, DC motor & servo motor, and remote control, etc.

Kids’ Playmat
Youngone E&I Co. develops and manufactures high-quality toys designed to promote the mental and physical development of children, based on excellent design power, the highest quality standards and years of experience.

Indoor Gymnastic Products for Children
Sehyun International manufactures and exports indoor gymnastic equipment, which is designed to help children develop their physical strength and intellectual capability. Those products offer various functions and maximum safety.

Yodel is one of the most well-known uniform companies in Korea as well as in the international market.

Smart TWOWING Pencil Case
Highend Smart Pencil with beautiful LED lights, Opening with Password

INMOK makes people feel the nature in human daily life with natural wood ingredient and easier livelihood for human being. INMOK promises to make the world where human and nature are closer.

Handcrafted Wooden Pens
Handcrafted Wooden Pens





High quality optical frame
High quality optical frame

New plus
New plus

Natural wood
Natural wood

Mr. Rho Si-chul, CEO of a contact lens manufacturer, Interojo Inc. ( received the 54th Trader of the Month award for his contributions in achieving the excellent export performance of Interojo.

Allo and Dinosaur friends

Purple-colored tiger-skin pouch
Eunhae the global provider of fashion pouches will serve you with top-quality products!

EL Lighting Safety Vest
This EL (Electro Luminescence) vest prevents any safety accidents when firefighters and police officers have to maintain order at night events. It is also ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities at night. The brightness of 80cd flashing on the vest makes it possible to identify persons who wear it at a distance of 100M.

One-stop integrated printing solution
Korea possessed the first movable metal printing technology in the history of mankind. PACOM is the leader of Korea's printing industry, and has been utilizing traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled expertise. PACOM’s one-stop integrated solution, from planning to final delivery, has satisfied and impressed its customers with high-quality products and services in both the domestic and international printing markets.

The World’s Best Solutions for Creating Kids Album
The World’s Best Solutions for Creating Kids Album

Iimitation Jewelry
Since Narae started business in 1982, Narae has been fully concentrating on manufacturing and exporting imitation jewelry for the past 30 years.

Fashion Jewelry
JS JEWELRY is a jewelry specialist that has been dedicated to manufacturing various designs of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, brass chains and all sorts of parts for stone sets for the past two decades.

Fashion Accessories
Sebang Chain, established in 1986, is an leading fashion jewelry manufacturer. Sebang expanded its production line in Qingdao China in 1994.With its over 25 years of experience of manufacturing fashion jewelry and exporting to the US, we have developed the most efficient system from development to sales.

Designer Hat
Women’s desire to be looking fabulous is universal, always striving to find ways to look better. Therefore, fashionable items come and go while following whimsical trends in the market. But a handful of brands in the fashion world stay for years.

Cosmetic Pouch
Often we need to carry personal effects wherever we go. For this matter, one simple and common tool comes useful: a bag typically made of animal skins or fibers. It can easily contain lots of different things inside and has a long history. It is no overstatement that a bag has been a big contributor to the development of the human civilization as it allows people to collect and carry materials.

For those who have a problem with eyesight, the most suggested solution probably will be focusing on putting on glasses for correction. People who prefer another method use what is called “Contact lenses.” They are, simply put, lenses that directly contact eyes to increase visibility. However, medical purpose is not their only goal as some people use them for cosmetic use. You certainly have seen various unnatural colored lenses that they are wearing. COVIS, a Korean contact lens maker, has been standardizing contact lenses that meet both medical and aesthetic demand.

Founded 1995, HANAROAD specializes in communication, project suggestion, and designing for clients looking for the most effective way to publicly promote themselves.

Photo Accessories
With today’s image-taking cameras’ role in our daily life, it seems that it has existed since the very beginning of the human being. Its influence is deep and penetrating as most of us want to relive good times by taking pictures. This desire has been fed fairly well with many types of digital gadgets, however, things can get better if Korea’s OPSAN take care of the business with their professionalism.

Began in 2010, HURO is the combination of Human and Robot and engages in developing and manufacturing IT Convergence products. The future-oriented firm secures and possesses multiple patents; they are clearly manifesting its leadership in the IT technology industry. HURO has been making huge efforts in apply IT technologies to a wide variety of peripheral devices for your quality of life.

New plus

Smart TWOWING Pencil Case
Smart TWOWING Pencil Case

Yodel is one of the most well-known uniform companies in Korea as well as in the international market.

Brooches / Necklace / Earring

Allo and Dinosaur friends

INMOK makes people feel the nature in human daily life with natural wood ingredient and easier livelihood for human being. INMOK promises to make the world where human and nature are closer.

Simply the Best PREMIUM GIFT Exhibition
The 23rd edition of the Seoul International Sourcing Fair for Premium Gifts and Homeware (SIPREMIUM 2013) is scheduled for March 6-9 at A, B Hall of COEX in southern Seoul.

Photochromic lens

Silk Scarves & Neckties
Both clothing and fashion accessories are important in distinguishing your sense of style from that of others. In fact, the fashion accessories can make or break a well-designed outfit. Founded in 2003, Louis-Do’r has been devoted to designing and distributing a wide range of unique silk scarves and neckties which are characterized by tradition and modernity.

Fashion Accessories
Decor d’Art designs and distributes a wide range of unique handmade accessories for trend-savvy women. The handmade ribbon accessories and ribbon art which come in lots of different styles and ribbons to suit different tastes. Unique and special designed ribbons all around the world such as American, Europe, Korea and Japan, the company can produce any styles or ribbon hair accessories to match that special day of yours like weddings, birthdays and daily bases too.

Optical Frames
People invented eyeglasses to increase or correct visibility. Some of them who could not see clearly regained their eyesight by wearing the glasses. Over the past years, technology has advanced and produced various types of eyewear for many specific uses like protection, fashion, sports activities, etc. For eyeglasses, lenses are important, but frames are referred to as “backbone.” Recognizing its critical role, Korea’s ONNURY OPTICAL focuses on improving how the backbone works.

Optical Frames
Nobody dismisses eyeglasses today just as vision correction tools. It is safe to say that they have become a new kind of fashion statement. Manufacturers, collaborating with designers, make many different frames and lens for those who are looking for stylish look. It is happening in the same sense that iPhone is more than just a mobile phone. Korea’s FOREVER FASHION brings about a new trend.

Korean traditional Percussion Instruments
Founded in 2005, Kook Lim Won has tenaciously adhered to Korea’s long tradition against the dominant “Digital”. When it comes to producing Korean traditional crafts and percussion instruments, the company has been based on long years of experiences and in-depth technology, while focusing on quality items that enhance customers’ traditional music experience.

Yodel is one of the most well-known uniform companies in Korea as well as in the international market.

Smart TWOWING Pencil Case
Smart TWOWING Pencil Case

Solutions for Creating Kids Album
We are providing the solutions for successful start of album business for kindergartens, the optimum proposal to produce the high-quality album for kindergarten children and kindergarten album business that can be operated without programmers or designers.

National Museum of Korea
National Museum of Korea provides visitors with an opportunity to understand about the culture and artwork of Korea. The largest museum in the country houses precious Korean cultural assets that demonstrates the story of Korea’s fascinating history, life, and arts, from hand axes of the Paleolithic period, to celadons of the Goryeo dynasty, to paintings of the Joseon dynasty, to modern photography.


Smart TWOWING Pencil Case
Smart TWOWING Pencil Case

New plus

Smart TWOWING Pencil Case

Kids Album
The World’s Best Solutions for Creating Kids Album

The beauty and excellence of the Korean paper, Korean nation, and Korean culture have captured the attention of many.

Seoul Gift Show
2013. 9. 23 ~ 9. 27

Contact Lens
Development of high function contact lenses
The details of research and development are as follows.
Toy Balloon
Character & Dancing Balloon
VONORA Health Bracelet
More valuable than jewelry, VONORA Health Bracelet
•Accurate touching on iPhone & iPad
•No need to take your gloves off to use your phone or send text messages
•Compatible with touchscreen devices (iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, HTC and more), iPad, eReaders and other touchscreen devices
•Washable, Easy ventilation, no scent
Smart Pencil Case
The First and Only in the world
A luxurious smart pencil case with beautiful
LED light and your own password
Glue Ten
Make Your Own Accessories with GlueTen!
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