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Metal Products

PE Pipe
KNET has been producing PE pipes and conduit products for water, energy and telecom industries. In the early 2000s, the maker advanced into the development of special PE ducts for optical cable protection in the name of Micro duct. Since then, it has been offering Micro ducts which have been widely used for Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

PVC hose

SSAGDUGI for Your Pleasant Farming Experience
Farmers are diligent. They work around the clock paying attention to fruits or crops they grow. Lots of tasks involved need to be properly managed to get better production. For this, specially designed tools come handy. With them, they can get things done more efficiently. Korea’s HOBUM TECH offers one of the tools; its SSAGDUGI helps farmers trimming branches with easiness.

steel technology

Spring Wire, Cold Heading Wire
What brings this butterfly to this wire?

Core drilling diamond bit
The Customer-Oriented Company & We'll Reach Out to the World

Ionized Water Processor
IOREX has marketed its ionized water processor under the brand name of “IOREX”, which is innovatively designed for supplying healthy water safely and is recognized among customers as a very efficient solution system that renews worn out water pipes.
Turbine Blades
Established in 1982, JinYoung TBX has consistently engaged in manufacturing turbine blades for power plants. These flagship products are successfully delivered to such major domestic heavy industry companies as Doosan Heavy Industries, Hyundai Heavy Industries, etc., and foreign ones like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fuji Electric, etc., respectively.
Metal Clad Wire-wound Resistors
RARA Electronics Corp., which marks 22 years of business as of 2012, manufactures metal clad wire-wound high power
resistors that are flexible, durable and conform to international materials specifications such as RoHS and WEEE.
Shin Sung Control leads the South Korean market for road safety facilities, the flagship business part of the company, commanding the majority of the market share in terms of sales volume, technology level, construction capability, etc.
SB Column Steel Forms
Established in 1998, Seob has been leading the localization and globalization of general temporary and specialized construction materials by effectively utilizing its differentiated quality management and ceaseless research and development (R&D).
Steel Fibers
Established in 2001, Misung Steel provides high tensile strength steel fiber for concrete reinforcement. Two types of steel fibers glued (bundle) and loosed (single) type are currently manufactured, using high tensile cold-drawn steel wire, in accordance with CE and ASTM standards. The steel fibers are designed to provide best fiber efficiency in concrete and their performance has been approved and used by over 20 countries so far.
Pipe Racking System
Established in 1993, GS ACE Industry has grown into one of the leading companies specializing in the production of pipe rack systems in South Korea. The pipe racking system is designed to develop and improve the usability and efficiency of production lines, and to improve safety significantly in the workplace.
Magic Grating
Established in 2000, Bethel Engineering professionally engages in manufacturing of grating, acquiring the NEP (New Excellent Product) certificate for its safety standards and commercial merits from the nation’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy for its nation’s leading grating.
Carbon Steel Pipes for Automobile
Jesco has become South Korea’s leading enterprise supplying highest-class small size steel tubes for automotives components, keeping pace with the swiftly changing trends of automobiles. Based upon the remarkable domestic business performance accumulated over the past 32 years, the company has started to win global recognition, while emphasizing manufacturing highest-class ERW (Electronic Resistance Welding) small-sized steel tube.
Steel Wires
At B2K, our ambitions are only to bring success to your wire business.
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