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Machinery Parts

Electronic Expansion Valve Controller
Dotech’s flagship expansion valve controller EVC10B is an electronic control device that is especially designed for control and management of electronic expansion valves in cooling systems.

Hydraulic Pedals
Busan-based Jeil Hydraulics has been engaged in manufacturing various models of highestquality motors, pumps, and valves since 1978, making it one of the leading ventures in the Korean market.

Range of Heat Exchangers
LHE Co., Ltd is a heat exchanger manufacturer producing a wide range of heat exchangers such as plate heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger, oblong heat exchanger, plate coil heat exchanger, bloc heat exchanger, etc.

48rod CVD Reactor & Ingot Grower for PV Purpose
Semi-Materials has been dedicated to developing solar PV materials, parts, and equipments since its establishment in 2000. Currently, the company also launched the business for LED epi, chip, and lighting applications. Products offered by Semi-Materials are CVD reactors for polysilicon, mono crystalline silicon ingot growers, LED epi & Chips, and LED lighting applications.

Specialized in Zinc & Aluminium Die-Casting

EST PCM System
EST developed the Phase Change Material that can store massive cold energy with KITECH. And we produce spciallized PCM for Transport Refrigeration.

Electric Actuators
Enertork Ltd. (, headed by Mr. Cho Jae-chan, is the leading manufacturer of electric actuators for all kinds of valves and dampers in Korea, and won the 47th Trader of the Month award for its excellent performance in the global market.

Steel making

RF Coaxial Connector

EST PCM System
EST developed the Phase Change Material that can store massive cold energy with KITECH. And we produce spciallized PCM for Transport Refrigeration.

Automotive Mold and Die

Going Green with Marine Diesel Engine
Speaking of today’s engine, it all started with simple prehistoric tools like oars for boats. Technological advancement enabled machine-based engines to replace ones that relied solely on human or animal power. With superior horsepower capacity and efficiency, diesel engines are widely used for automobiles, aircrafts, heavy machinery, etc. For ships, Korea’s Daedong Marine Tech takes the marine industry by surprise with its next-generation diesel engine.

Advanced Piping System Maker
A pipe is a hollow-type cylinder that can deliver liquids or gases. It is safe to say that this pipe system has contributed a lot to today’s industry. By flowing liquids like oil from one place to the other, it has benefited and helped many different industrial sectors grow.

Casters for Various Mobility Needs
Casters mostly are wheels that are attached to a larger object for mobility. They are made of materials like aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel. Main applications are easy to find ; they are shopping carts, various types of chairs, travel bags, hospital carriers, etc. And Korea’s caster maker, HWA SUNG Industries, is striving to make things better.

Level Control Valve
Control valves are useful for controlling elements like liquid or pressure. They do so by adjusting openings after receiving signals from controllers; closing and opening is done by electrical or hydraulic actuator. And quality hydraulic control valves are qualified with a few outstanding features like outstanding pressure control capability. A Korean control valve maker, Balem, recognizes what it takes to produce not just good but excellent valves.

Cabin Filter
A car is built with many small or big parts. Each of them independently plays a vital role in allowing a car to run. Unless they are all working in close coordination with each other, a vehicle will soon break down. Some of these important parts are filters. They are essentially blocking foreign objects from interfering with mechanism in a car. If they fail, a driver will face lots of mechanical failures or even life threatening ones. Korea’s Lafien as a filter maker wants to prevent the misfortune from taking place.

Power Plant Bearings
A bearing could a mechanical part for very simple job: rolling against the other surface, minimizing a great deal of friction. Its mechanism has been well adopted for many applications around us; we can easily see them in car engines, tires, loading systems, etc. Dae Dong Metal Bearing, a Korea’s bearing maker, helps many industries move without a hiccup with its bearings.

Press Molding Products
A car may look simple enough however, what constitutes it beneath is no simple matter considering thousands of mechanical parts. Only when these closely wired and placed devices are working in harmony seamlessly, cars can run as expected. It is no overstatement that the quality of car parts directly affects driving conditions. HALLA Industry, Korea’s car part manufacturer, feels obliged to guarantee drivers both safety and performance with top quality vehicle parts.

LNGC insulation box
STX Metal has accomplished asplendid achievement of being awarded the Export Tower by KITA(Korea International Trade Association), recording US$800million in export performance, following its US$600million Export Tower Award in 2011, US$300million Export Tower Award in 2010, and US$200million Export Tower Award in 2009.


Set Sail with Intelligent Autopilot
An aircraft or ship needs someone who is in charge. He or she has to pay continuous attention to the operation in order to fly or sail safely until its destination. This requires a large amount of effort and subsequently raises stress levels for pilots. To resolve the situation, they began installing an autopilot system that can automatically control an aircraft or a ship without one single human being assisting it. As a result, it has greatly reduced the stress level of human pilots. Korea’s APS is one of those who are behind the contribution to reducing such stress levels.

RF Coaxial Connector
Today we are doing our best through ceaseless R&D to challenge the future. We, HoSung Technics Co., Ltd. promise to devote ourselves to fulfilling the needs of our customers in a thorough customer service spirit, and cordially request our customers to favor us with their continued patronage

Humanoid Joint Robots
RoboBuilder was established in 2007 for the development of the education and entertainment robot industry. Through the M&A of Mega Robotics which developed a joint-type AI motor for the first time in the world, the maker successfully developed the wCK actuator module which has much better performance, and is on track to develop and produce robot kits for education and entertainment.

adhesives and silicone sealants

Sensor Module
Sensor present so far!


HKTECH CO., LTD. Was established to provide the highest quality products and customer service based on accumulated technology.
Joint system
Long-Run Expansion Joint System
NSplatec parts
We, NSplatec, were founded on September 1982 and We always working for providing the customer's satisfaction with our superior pordicts and excellent services based on the long experiences.
Automotive Parts
Automotive Parts
No better lighting sensor
By applying the world first high-tech microwave method sensor, realize production cost and energy reductions.
Advanced technology and know-how!
The Donghae Co., Ltd. will lead it.
High-quality High-performance
Gear series
Goes out to the world
Assembling products
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