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Industrial Electronics

Portable CCTV Systems
Starnex Co. is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of micro portable CCTV systems. The company has come up with digitalized and highly intelligent surveillance systems, including Self-Guard, Vehicle-Guard and Camball.

3D Microscope
The Nextop, 3D Microscope, recently promoted by Shin-han, provides a variety of different features and functions including optimized configurations, visual observation, 3D measurement, and laser work, thanks to its convenience of optical microscope and its function of 3D measurement.

Fiber Distribution Frame
Korea Optron Corp.’s prestigious item Fiber Distribution Frame is especially designed for protecting optical cable splitters by multi-channel. Currently the company provides FDF with various connector styles like SC, ST and FC type

Parking Lot Management System
Inpeg Vision’s parking lot management system that enables time management and control of vehicle access according to a license plate recognition system of vehicles, and the integrated management of a vehicle recognition system in the parking lot area.

Food Salt Meter
With measuring salinity, i.e., contents of salt in all foods, it maintains the certain level of salinity to keep ourselves healthy. This food salt meter is equipped with automatic temperature compensation and automatic calibration, the World’s only meter to be able to instantly measure the salinity of food at higher than 70°C or lower than 15°C.

Water Treatment Devices
Seokwang’s colloidal silver producer is a patented water-treatment product that uses pure (99.99%) edible silver to create nano-particles to produce silver colloids.

Baby Monitor
Developed by INS Mobile, the Baby Monitor (INS - 1000D) allows the user to monitor their baby’s condition such as crying or movement while doing other activities. remotely. It is equipped with 31 Megapixel full color monitor, 2.46 Inch large screen LCD, ISM-2.4GHz frequency band which can be used worldwide.

Portable Security & Protection Device
Worldhumantec, a Korean specialist producer of security and protection devices over the past 20 years, has proudly launched its flagship portable security & protection device named MAGMA.

Next-generation Digital CCTV Systems
Seoul-based Onix System Inc. is well-known for its various models of DVRs and cameras with applications in the surveillance industry and medical fields.

Multifunctional Electric Meter
Chungpa EMT’s multifunctional electric meter, marketed under the brand name “CEM-2200” is designed for measuring electric equipment with various functions very easily and accurately.

3D SPI and 3D AOI Systems
Koh Young Technology’s 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) systems and solder paste inspection (SPI) enable the user to compile quantitative data after each manufacturing step that can be used to check the quality of the product, eliminating the possibility of serious defects at each production stage and increasing efficiency significantly.

Home Mobile Network System
Commax’s home mobile system allows the homeowner and user to link various digital home appliances and devices into a network to create a home network easily.

SDPCVD (Space Divided Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition)
Developed by Jusung Engineering, SDPCVD (Space Divided Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition) is considered to be one of the most advanced and promising technologies as the system can handle all of the deposition processes by PECVD, LPCVD and ALD.

Photovoltaic Modules
Spun off from Samsung Electronics in 2001, S-Energy has built up successful business relationships with European and Japanese market players, taking a giant step forward to be the No.1 module manufacturer and System integrator in the global PV market.

Back-up Alarm
Komex Electronics Corporation (, headed by Mr. Lee Youl-gi, won the 52nd Trader of the Month in recognition of making the recent export achievements in the global market.

Semiconductor Test Solutions
Exicon Co., Ltd. ( is a semiconductor test solution provider with core technology and rich experience that has successfully localized super-high speed memory test equipment through continuous technical development.

SAW Filters are electromechanical devices commonly used in radio frequency applications. Electrical signals are converted a mechanical wave in a device constructed of a piezoelectric crytal or cermaic; this wave is delayed as it propagates a across the device, before being converted back to an electrical signal by further electrodes.

Wireless sensing system “Intelligence, Convenience, Low Cost”

Highway Fare Collection System
SD System specially engaged in developing and releasing vehicle passage fare collection system, a smart system that controls smooth traffic flow. Employees with rich field experience make it easier for the company to especially design and construct a wide array of systems with customer-oriented thinking and thorough service spirit.

Micro Chip Inspection System
Since its inception as a private company in 1993 and the following incorporation in 1998, RTS has been committed to the development of first class machine vision inspection systems in the fast changing technology world.

Unmanned Alarm Device
Sytopia designs and manufactures an unmanned surveillance camera system that can remotely control CCTV using existing Internet networks.

Flow & Temp. Meter
Dooill tech’s Flow & Temp. Meter is designed to be used in measuring the extent of the exhaust gas of chimney, depending on the regulation prescribed by a law regarding air pollution.

WENS 500 Debug Meter Series
High Performance Debug Meter from Top - end Bench Instruments.

Electromagnetic Waves Filter
Excessive exposure to electromagnetic waves have been reported to cause not only minor symptoms such as drowsiness, insomnia, headache, nausea, staff shoulders, but also serious disorders including skin ailments, feeble pulse, spasm and seizure, sexual dysfunction and dementia.

Electrical Engineering System
Generator Excitation System Diagnostic Device (RTS-5000): RTS-5000 is a device to check excitation system with standard simulated output signal by itself without starting generator and turbine; and a device that can be simulation driven under the same condition as linked to actual generator and power system by real-time connection with excitation system.

Experimental Equipment
Entering the 21st century, technology sped up. Its advancement has been rapid and extensive; every aspect of people’s daily life continues to change, making it more convenient and more enhanced.

Clean Room Monitoring Systems
Future technology unfolds depending on how we make of it and what we can make out of it. More than anything, tech firms and engineers probably will pay more attention to environmental solutions. Korea’s Sudo Premium Engineering exactly aims its goal in such directions under several divisions : semiconductor, automobile, IAQC, anti-freezing solution, and SPE technical R&D institute.

Auto PCB Testers with Reliability
A printed circuit board known as PCB uses conductive means to connect electronic components. The board is widely used for most electronic devices. Good examples are quite near us, and they are found in a computer main board and a computer mouse. And for a PCB’s stability and performance, it must go through a testing process which involves many different types of PCB testers.

Gas Separation System Expert
Separating gases like nitrogen and oxygen from gas mixtures is often called for at hospitals. To process it effectively, special devices tag along. WON Hi Tech’s gas separation systems are ready.

Affordable Heat Transfer Systems with Efficiency
Heat transfer is the movement of thermal energy and heat between two physical systems. By using this heat engineering process, a number of different devices and systems can be used to increase, decrease, and preserve temperature in many different environments. And Korea’s Myungshin Engineering capitalizes on the principle to dedicate to the industrial growth.

Introducing Total Lapping & Polishing Systems
Lapping operations involve two surfaces that are rubbing against each other with an abrasive. Typically, its main purpose is either grinding, for example, a glass against iron, or cutting hard materials to obtain accurate surfaces or surface roughness. With only human hands, one cannot expect any good result. Lapping machines need to weigh in. And Korea’s lapping and polishing machines maker, IBCHE, is waiting for your invitation.

Air press JIG

Safety equipment

Portable X-ray Systems
Founded in 1994, Poskom designs and manufactures the highest quality diagnostic x-ray systems, x-ray generators and power supplies for the medical and telecommunications industries. With more than 70% of domestic market share, Poskom supplies customized generators and x-ray modules to major Korean and international manufacturers. Poskom portable x-ray units are a top brand in the global market and popular among many medical doctors and veterinarians.

Aesthetic and Medical Advanced Laser
CLARITY is one of the most versatile dual wavelength platforms on the market for top laser indications aesthetic physicians around the world treat every day. With these two workhorse wavelengths - Long pulsed 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG in one easy-to-use device, physicians may gently remove pigmented lesions, unwanted hair, tighten skin, and ameliorate the appearance of vascular lesions

Strain Type Logger

Iris Biometric Solution
Iris biometrics has been acknowledged as the ultimate security solution because of its inherent characteristics: namely accuracy, uniqueness, and noninvasiveness, yet it is also an undeniable fact that its acceptance and firm base in the marketplace have been mediocre at best despite such merits over other non-iris biometric solutions. This inconsistency stemmed from the technological barriers that persisted until the arrival of UBKey.

VR Module Series

MyChip Station Pro
Experience Powerful Design Solution on Windows

Flow & Temp. Meter
Dooill tech’s Flow & Temp. Meter is designed to be used in measuring the extent of the exhaust gas of chimney, depending on the regulation prescribed by a law regarding air pollution. Only one unit of this meter is capable of measuring flow rate, temperature at the same time.

EL Lighting Safety Vest,
This EL (Electro Luminescence) vest prevents any safety accidents when firefighters and police officers have to maintain order at night events. It is also ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities at night. The brightness of 80cd flashing on the vest makes it possible to identify persons who wear it at a distance of 100M.

Air Press JIG
We, SM POWERTECH, will serve you with highest-quality items with competitive prices.

HD-SDI Camera Module
Next Generation of CCTV, Comart HD

SAW Filter
Suface Acoustic Wave Filter

Face Recognition Technology

Speed Pass
Speedy Entrance, Intelligent Security System

Home Network system
The future Home network ubiquitous with FINETECH Ubiquitous is a new network technology all famail can communicate or control the electronics at any time anywhere

Flow & Temp. Meter
We, Dooil Tech, will always be with our customers worldwide.

Magnetic Camera, LED optics and Vision Application Technique
The technological power of NEDTECH will be there for you

Wireless sensing system
“Intelligence, Convenience, Low Cost”

NDT(Non-Destructive Testing)
Magnetic Camera, LED Optics and Vision Application Technique


Explosion proof
Single Phase Explosion proof Portable Ventilation Blower Seires
Eco Friendly Global Partner
Enhancing The Value Of Energy
HD Smart Video Recoder
32ch NVR, 960fps@720p Live & Playback with 4K output
Excellent Gas Solution
Excellent Gas Solution
1. Gas Mixing & Dilution System
2. Automatic Changeover System
Intelligent Intergrated Control System
Intelligent Intergrated Control System
Kemtech Co., Ltd.
We, kemtech, will step toward the customers with products that can realize the value more that expected by the customers.
MF SERIES High Pressure Coolant System
Kemetech Co., Ltd.
All about R&D Solution
KLES is at the center of advanced technologies and R&D industries.
KLES leads the field of new technology and R&D industries.
Air Compressor & Air System
All employees of HANGUK AIRRO CO.,LTD. are renewed as “the best to company deal with air” since1987.
Especially, we aim for being the best air compressor system in the field of efficiency, environment and economic.
Evaporative Cooer & Humidifier
Save Expenses / Save Energy
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