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Computers & Peripherals

Portable Printers
Woosim System Inc. is a major manufacturer of portable printers in South Korea. Established in 1994, Woosim has developed innovative technologies such as printer control algorithm, power management algorithm, lrDA data communication as well as two dimensional barcode printing, which are requisite to mobile printing.

Docking Station
Sarotech Co., Ltd. has recently announced that its new style of docking station, “Quick Desk” will soon be released on the market. The new product can be used with the horizontally mounted Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Tablet PC Bag
The Suit Bag from SEVENt7( is a brand-new backpack designed to accommodatetablet PCs. One of its outstanding features is that it enables people to use their tablet computer without the need to take the digital gadget out of the bag, making it a hot item among overseas consumers.

Long-Range IR Illuminator
The Seoul-based PARAGONTECH, which is locally well-known as a major provider of hybrid LED technology, has recently released a long range IR illuminator under the brand name “REXIR” that is designed to offer high-performance allowing five-times longer lifespan, compared to conventional IR illuminators.

Jewelry USB
Dongwoon International’s jewelry USB called “My memoria,” which incorporates global Swarovski’s crystal, coupled with the world’s best-quality Samsung memory chip, is gaining a high reputation among clients both domestically and abroad who are ardently seeking the highest-class gift items.

Intelligent PDA
A PLUS SOLUTION Co., Ltd. recently developed and released its upgraded version of PDA, called “Si203,” which is expected to attract keen attention among global clients.

All-in-one integrated POS System
POSBANK, a specialty company of POS hardware and software, has lately unveiled its all-inone integrated POS system titled “miniO.”

14-bit Digital Mammography & Modality Imaging Solutions
As medical system is getting more computerized and digitalized, filmless imaging solutions are more required and demand more special performance. Under the circumstances, high-performance and multi-function medical monitors are strongly demanded and, therefore, KOSTEC designed these monitors for the sake of the solutions of the needs.

14-bit Digital Mammography & Modality Imaging Solutions
As medical system is getting more computerized and digitalized, filmless imaging solutions are more required and demand more special performance. Under the circumstances, high-performance and multi-function medical monitors are strongly demanded and, therefore, KOSTEC designed these monitors for the sake of the solutions of the needs.



HANA Next Generation Multimedia Player(Movie, MTV, MIDI, Original soune(wave)Karaoke, MP3, Game, Photo Image) is able to enjoy mass songs including POP, K-POP, J-POP,,etc connecting with PC for fast downloading without CD or specific Drive.

Smart Green Home System
COMMAX is striving to be its customers’ first choice in every market the company serves by providing superior design products, advanced technology solutions, as well as various certifications.

Universal windshield& dash suction holder
Kumyang was established in 2003 as a supplier of building materials. In 2012, to diversify its business into a new area, the company started a third-party accessory business for Macintosh and smart devices.

A very effective solution for computer users
Hanario is a company dealing in various kinds of items that can help increase productivity in use of its customers’ products. Hanario emphasizes sincerity and honesty in corporate management and customer service for becoming a reliable business partner of its global customers. For the upcoming CES2013, the company has made its decision to strategically promote its recently released item, and has not yet disclosed what brand name it will carry. It is expected to draw keen attention of visitors to CES with an especially intended function that alleviates the degree of muscle stress occurring in the necks of computerusers.

Kernel type earphone
Wave Teletech has recently unveiled a kernel type earphone. For the product, reverse speaker technology that makes the voice reverberation space of the product greater than that of existing products, and so it faithfully reproduces medium level of bass while significantly minimizing the fatigue accumulated in the eardrum.

Receipt printer
One of the main computer peripherals is a printer. This printing device produces text or graphic documents on print mediums like papers. It connects to a computer with a cable or via network, USB, Wi-Fi, etc. And there are of course many different types; the most common ones are inkjet and laser printers.

LCD Tablet Monitor
AHA Information & Communication’s smart podium is an innovative and cutting-edge education solution introducing electronic the lecturing environment into the lecture room.

Portable Speaker
Neplus, a company spun-off in in 2008 from Nep Design, established in 2000, has been committed to creating better lives of its customers with innovative, exceptional, and many value-added design products.

Total Industrial Computer Provider
NF36-2800 / Open Frame Monitor / WMI-1UM550 NEW / SATA-SSD 2CH FDM OUTSIDE / WDP-120S1 PPC OUTSIDE

Total Industrial Computer

Industrial computer
Total industrial computer


HD Tablet with USB Host!

Total industrial Computer provider

Voice Recognition Module
Opening the Future life with voice

Lithium Battery
Energy Storage System

Fiber & Networking(FNN) Co.,Ltd

Music Link S
Experience a wireless sound world through the "Music Link S"
A Leader in the World Auxiliary Battery Market
No. 1 Company, INTERCAST
INTERCAST, a global company in the field of auxiliary battery, porvides highest quality and best service for auxiliary battery based on acumulated experience.
Leader of Advanced Scan Technologies
Manufacturer of premium Quality
A Frontrunner of Micro Speakers & Dynamic Receiver Units
Enjoy Luxury 8-inch Tablet, SM-508!
Paging system
LEETEK paging systems is effectively using to manage customer flow for business owners and providing convenience service for customer in the world’s
Dream of state-of-the-art educational environment!
MIRAE ITS will create.
Ultimate Quality through QHD Resolution!!
Always Creating New Innovations All about Eco-friendly Green Printing in Korea
High-Speed USB Charging Adapter
USB Battery Charging Spec. 1.2 Compliant
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