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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 572

New & Hot

Non-contact Vein Viewer System
Majutech Inc., established in 2015 to become a leader in intravenous injection-related products, is developing products that can satisfy users, based on their needs and perspectives. Starting with the VeinVu 100 transilluminator, Majutech is planning to release VeinVu 200, the Vein Guider, and the Safety IV Catheter. As the VeinVu 100 transilluminator shows the veins of the same thickness as real veins on skin, it is possible to observe veins on a real time basis. It is a contactless type product so it is more convenient to use compared with existing contact type

Cover Story

Eco-Friendly Household Goods
SAENGONG Hand Wash removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as colibacillemia, which is made by using natural surfactants without harmful ingredients such as triclosan, parabens, EDTA, and triethanolamine. With its rich foam gently cleansing the skin, this product has passed the skin irritation test, thus ensuring safe use. SAENGONG Desiccant safely stores moisture in the air in a liquid state in a container by using calcium chloride as a single ingredient to help prevent bad odors and mold in the house. Eco Pack enables the easy practice of environmental protection in our


Braille Devices
Dot Incorporation, which has developed its own cell through an electromagnet-driven actuator and acquired more than 110 patents, is introducing a number of Braille devices using micro Braille cells. Dot Module 20 of Dot is comprised of 20 Braille cells at, weighing 182g. The product receives data through a USB stick connected to a PC or kiosk. The transmitted data is displayed in 20 reproducible Braille cells that provide information to the visually-impaired. By pressing the buttons on either side, the user is able to go back to the previous or to

Special Report

Data Algorithmic (Metabolic) Healthcare Solution
logsynk is a global leading company in the area of metabolic mechanism analytics S/W. logsynk proceeds with preventive healthcare data & solution business based upon its cross-cutting technologies. logsynk carries out algorithm analysis of personal life log information (In-App, IoT device) and medical information data (external production, API) in order to diagnose the metabolic balance, and thus it supplies its customized one-stop solutions (improvement necessity indicators, causes, improvement plans, and goal management) for personal health


Organic Rice Cookies for Babies
Ayiyum Organic Rice Cake Tteokppong is a baby snack made by compressing rice cakes and puffing them with air pressure, which melts softly in the mouth for babies to eat comfortably. Made with 100% organic and natural raw materials while containing no artificial or synthetic additives it has acquired certifications including organic processed food and HACCP.Tteokppong does not leave powder on the hands, so it can be eaten without sticking to the hands. About 6.5-7cm in length, it comes in a good size for babies to hold and eat by themselves. This product

Export Leader

Korea’s First Developer & Manufacturer of DLP 3D Printers
Carima Co.,Ltd., as Korea’s first developer and manufacturer of photopolymerization 3D printers, supplies desktop and industrial 3D printers with many different sizes from small to large, to meet the needs of customers in various fields such as digital dentistry, jewelry, ceramics, aerospace, automotive, parts/machinery industry, education, and R&D.We met the CEO of Carima, Lee Byung-keuk, to listen to what he had to say about the overall growth of the company including the further goals for this year.Carima is a compound word of ‘Carry’ and ‘Imagination’, which means to turn

Company To Watch

Automated Kitchen Systems
Shin Starr Presents, a pioneer in automated kitchen systems design, uses technology and artificial intelligence to allow users to prepare high-quality, gourmet recipes with incredible efficiency and consistency. At the heart of its technology is AutoWok2.0, an electric-powered automated wok capable of cooking an expansive range of stir-frying recipes without assistance from the kitchen staff. Stir-frying is one of the most labor-intensive cooking processes. The traditional method of stir-frying requires constant, meticulous attention to the temperature of the open flame as

Exhibition News

SEMICON Korea 2022
Beginning with 189 booths in 1987, SEMICON Korea has established itself as an exhibition representing the semiconductor industry thanks to the continuous growth of the Korean semiconductor industry. SEMICON Korea 2022 is scheduled to be held from February 9 to 11, 2022. This exhibition will showcase the latest semiconductor materials, equipment, and related technologies — with special features including a semiconductor technology symposium, a market trend forum, supplier search programs, and networking events to exchange the latest information. This

Tourist Attractions

Spring Blossom Paths in Seoul
With the arrival of spring come beautiful blooming flowers, including cherry blossoms, forsythias, and azaleas. Even in Seoul, a large city filled with skyscrapers and cars, there are places to enjoy the sight and scent of spring blossoms. If you are eager to discover a different side of Seoul, visit some of the following parks to be greeted by blossoming spring flowers. Recognized as one of Seoul’s premium city parks, a magnificent sight of giant cherry blossom trees can be found at Seoul Forest. Visitors to the park are welcome to enjoy a light walk or a picnic under the
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