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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 571

New & Hot

Face Masks
Good Day Kf94 is made using fabrics and MB filters produced in Korea instead of cheap Chinese fabrics. Due to its great quality, it is a best seller on Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world. Also, it is supplied to MLB teams (Toronto Blue Jays & Texas Rangers) and the National Cancer Institute in the USA. Good Day KF94 has been introduced through various media, including the New York Post and CNN.Compared to Chinese masks, they are much more comfortable to wear, and do not hurt the ears even during long-term use. Maintaining a blocking

Cover Story

Nutritional & Dietary Supplements
Vita-AnD C Plus contains vitamin C 1,000mg, riboflavin 4mg, and pyridoxine hydrochloride 8mg, making it easy to supplement vitamins, which are difficult to intake through meals alone. It uses British vitamin C from DSM, the world’s largest premium vitamin C raw material supplier, to improve the quality of the product. In addition, it is produced at a GMP-certified facility that is registered as a food facility with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Vita-AnD C Plus is made by applying a protective film on the raw material using the manufacturer’s special coating


All-in-One Intravital Two-Photon Microscopy System
IVM-MS2 is an all-in-one intravital two-photon microscopy system optimized for in vivo imaging experiments and equipped with a new compact high-efficiency fs-pulse laser module. Especially, the IVM-MS2 is an ideal choice for customers with limited resources and budgets as it integrates a compact high-stability maintenance-free fs-pulse laser into a single box.The two-photon intravital microscope is in high demand for global leading advanced bioresearch institutes. And the newly released IVM-MS2 will be installed at Harvard Medical School

Special Report

Wireless Keyboard for the Blind
This product is a wireless input device that helps the visually impaired in using a smartphone. It helps the visually impaired to use smartphones in the same way that people with normal vision do. It is a smartphone case-type wireless keyboard. Users can type with ten fingers in mobile phone mode. It is designed with such key functions as input and edit text, phone dial (IVR,ARS), smartphone control, and exclusive functions for the visually impaired. Users can type without ever learning the keyboard as it has the same key layout used on a computer keyboard.


Korean Traditional Rice Cake
GOSUROK Flat Fresh Ramie Leaf Rice Cake and GOSUROK Half Moon-Shaped Rice Cake are premium songpyeon, a traditional Korean half-moon-shaped rice cake, that captures the taste of customers with its unique aroma and flavoring harmony with rice, ramie, and cherry bean produced in Seocheon, the home of ramie. It is a safe food made using only domestic rice and ramie.GOSUROK Flat Rice Cake with Bean Paste is a bite-sized rice cake that is suitable for children and adults to eat. Individually wrapped and hygienic, it is sweet with chestnuts and peas

Industry Leader

Yondu Vegetable Umami Essence
Sempio Yondu features a versatile savory seasoning that brings out the inherent flavor of your ingredients. Natural umami from slowly fermenting and simmering vegetables gives delicate flavor and balance to your dishes. Add a few teaspoons to your broths, soups, stir-fries or any other recipe that needs a boost of flavor. It is also a great plant-based alternative for bouillon, concentrated stocks, fish sauce or dashi.Thanks to its clear color and versatile liquid format, it can be added to unlimited recipes at any stage of the cooking process. Use Yondu for

Export Leader

Hoong-A — Global Leader in the Automation Packaging Machine Industry
Hoong-A Corporation is a global company specialized in manufacturing packaging machines for various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, oral products and consumable products, etc. Based on almost 50 years of experienced technology, Hoong-A has provided excellent packaging solutions for blister, cartoner, bundler, case packer and palletizer, with its automation system. This is a company specializing in high-speed and volume-packaging for mass-production with operations in the USA, China, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Algeria

Company To Watch

Commercializing High-purity Silicon Carbide Powders and Nano Silicon Carbide Powders
PLUS Advanced Ceramic Technology, established in 2018 as an affiliated company of PLUS Manager, which has grown as a specialized company of mechanical seals for more than two decades, is currently the only company in Korea to successfully develop, manufacture, and sell silicon carbide powders. PLUS A.C.T, currently registered as a research institute company by the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (KICET), is commercializing its high-purity silicon carbide powders and Nano Silicon Carbide Powders. All employees of PLUS A.C.T are committed to

Exhibition News

Korea Business Partnership Online Expo, a New Contactless Marketing Channel in the COVID-19 Era
In order to promote the exports of Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have been sluggish for some time due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, KOTRA is strengthening its online marketing efforts by focusing on contactless channels. As a government agency, KOTRA has always held economy-themed events involving overseas trips and official visits of high-ranking government officials ‒ but since 2020, it has established and is operating the “Korea Business Partnership Online Expo,” instead of the economic diplomacy programs that were

Tourist Attractions

Day Trip to Euljiro, a Rising Hotspot in Seoul
The area of Euljiro is full of history and trendy locations right in the heart of Seoul. The area is centered around Sewoon Plaza, a large commercial building built in the 1970s. As unique and trendy shops began opening alongside the old printing factory, lighting, and tool stores, this hot place received the name “hipjiro,” a combination of the words hip and Euljiro. Here is a charming tour course perfect for a day trip to Euljiro. The Euljiro tour can start from any station connecting to Cheonggyecheon Stream on the Seoul Subway Line: Eujiro 3(Sam)-ga Station
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