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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 570

New & Hot

Orthodontic Bracket
C-LineTM is a ceramic polycrystalline bracket that satisfies the aesthetic needs of patients with excellent light transmittance and strength, while enabling effective orthodontic treatment. S-LineTM, launched in 2017 following C-LineTM, is a ceramic self-ligation bracket that satisfies a patient’s comfort by holding an orthodontic wire without additional ligation devices such as a wire or elastic band. Since its launch, the manufacturer has developed AC800 ceramic raw material for better light transmission and enhanced strength.It has obtained certifications including FDA

Cover Story

Marine Products
Pressplus Garbage Compactor is a garbage compressor that compresses garbage coming out of vessels when they dock in a certain port. A policy that makes vessels owners pay more if they have more garbage led to the invention of the equipment. DA, which won a CE mark, helps reduce costs that vessels companies have to pay. Around 600 units have been sold so far and it has been registered as a model with Hyundai Heavy Industries.Mooring wire ropes and crane wire ropes used in most vessels have to have lubricants applied on a regular basis for safety. Applying


Red Ginseng Aronia
Red ginseng is the root of a plant known for its immune enhancement effects and antioxidant effects. It is popular among many people, accounting for 36% of all sales of health food in Korea. Aronia berries, which contain the largest amount of anthocyanin among all berries, possess high antioxidant activities and β-Carotene and organic minerals in them are good for both improving eyesight and providing protection.I CARE adds Aronia-fermented vinegar to the 6-year-old red ginseng concentrate to reduce the bitter taste of red ginseng and offer a fresh taste.


Ergonomic Smart Desk
Yoon Ergonomics is a functional furniture manufacturer that has a brand, Three-D Desk, dedicated to smart workstations and human ergonomic desks.DS-1200 and DS-1400, the company’s Three-D Desk ergonomic smart desk models, are designed to serve the needs of students and adults, and they are the only desks in the world that prevent ‘tech neck’ and ‘tech back’ problems.DS-1200 and DS-1400 allow books and notes to be placed within the sight of the user while the user maintains an upright posture and maintains natural sight without lowering the head.


Automotive Solutions
AMO Group has been acquiring specialized expertise in IT, the environment, nano and bio industries, etc. – through providing advanced materials.AMO Group business area is an automotive, IT/mobile, IOT, energy/environment and bio and AMO Group is providing customers total solutions to meet their needs. Amotech is taking the next step toward becoming a global leader in information and communications, and automotive and energy, based on its innovative technology and materials.As smart cars will undoubtedly follow in the footsteps of smartphones as the focal


Laundry Aid & Deodorizer
Baking soda is an alkaline ingredient that is a 100% natural raw material mainly used for food additives. Also called “magic powder,” it has various functions including deodorizing, neutralizing, foaming, polishing, and softening. It can be safely used for washing dishes, food, and baby products, as well as removing odors, cleaning toilets, bathrooms, and bedding. REBOW Baking Soda, a certified Food Grade product, is made with 100% food additives to improve the quality of food processing. Metal-alcohol-free and optical-brightener-free, it is a proven first-class

Special Report

Commercial Dishwashers
PRIME’s dishwasher basically guarantees energy-saving and powerful washing. PRIME provides optimized products for customers to use conveniently and efficiently. By using highly efficient heat-exchanging technology, its products minimize the consumption of electricity needed to heat up dishwashing water or to dry wet dishes. Thanks to highly efficient pump motors and specially manufactured high-pressure washing nozzles, its products have increased washing power by 30% compared with other existing ones while consuming less electricity. It is possible to manufacture

Company To Watch

EV-Charging Smart Streetlight System
IL SCIENCE’s EV-charging smart streetlight system has been launched to meet the surge in demand for EV chargers following the expansion of the EV market. As a slow-charging method utilizing the constant power from streetlights on public roads and in residential areas, this product is applied with IL SCIENCE’s patent (Registration No. 10-0970158, A streetlight equipped with a charging terminal box).This product is equipped with a fee-imposing outlet installed in a charging terminal box of a streetlight, and is used in connection with a Smartphone application

Exhibition News

Korea Business Partnership Online Expo, a New Contactless Marketing Channel in the COVID-19 Era
In order to promote the exports of Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have been sluggish for some time due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, KOTRA is strengthening its online marketing efforts by focusing on contactless channels. As a government agency, KOTRA has always held economy-themed events involving overseas trips and official visits of high-ranking government officials ‒ but since 2020, it has established and is operating the “Korea Business Partnership Online Expo,” instead of the economic diplomacy programs that were

Tourist Attractions

Travel Smart in the Smart Tourism City of Incheon
Incheon became the first “international city” of the Joseon dynasty when it opened its port to foreigners in the late 19th century. Even to this day, the Open Port Area is filled with unique buildings and structures from the modern past, where foreign and Korean elements and the past and modern styles meld together. In keeping up with the times and its designation as the first Smart Tourism City of Korea, you can even enjoy a “smart” tour of the area thanks to the Incheon Easy app. To download, searched for “Incheoneasy” in the App Store or Google Play. Travel
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