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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 569

New & Hot

Baby Food for Infants
Bebefood Meal Pouch 2flavors is a pouch-type product with a built-in straw, which allows children to hold and consume on their own, making it a convenient baby food regardless of time and place. Having acquired HACCP certification, it is made in compliance with the high standards of baby food for infants and toddlers in Korea and China, and is safe from microorganisms and artificial sweeteners. It is also registered in the food-traceability-system for processes from the manufacturing/processing to the distribution, increasing the reliability of the product.Using only 100%

Cover Story

Anti-Hair-Loss & Scalp Care Products
Natural Nutrition Eye Tonic is an eyelashes essence made from natural extract ingredients that helps make eyelashes thicker and enriched by providing nourishment without causing eye irritations. Coming in a patented ball-type container, it can be used for eyebrows and eyelashes at the same time. Natural Nutrition Hair Tonic is a scalp-essence made from natural extract ingredients. It keeps the scalp healthy, recovers scalp balance, and prevents hair loss. This product has been developed for busy modern people by using natural ingredients with two functions in one


Korean Pork Brand
Since only 300~400g of skirt meat comes from a whole pig, it is one of the special cuts. It has always been popular among diners with its not so tender texture and the juice that comes out with every bite.Mapo Galmaegi, who started its franchise business in 2008, set a record in the history of the Korean franchise with its 450th store, and 13 years later, it is still operating numerous stores, while being upgraded to a new version.The trademark of Mapo Galmaegi, which is characterized by the soft taste of soy sauce, the spicy taste of red pepper sauce, and the


Light Field 3D Signage
This product is glasses-free 3D light field 3D signage that draws attention and interest of customers without pausing. Many people can view vivid 3D image contents in hologram style from various angles It provides a three-dimensional feeling without dead areas thanks to the 160-degree angle of view and 1m-5m wide viewable range and the converting function of landscape/portrait mode according to its use and space, and it can be used even in a high illuminance shop without restriction.Also, there is no restriction on contents.


Pruning Saws
JERIM METAL Co. is a manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of hand saws. It has been 28 years since it started exporting its hand saws.Based on its accumulated know-how, it currently exports to countries like the USA, Italy, the UK, Canada, and Spain.Its main products include fold-away pruning saws, straight pruning saws, curved saws and pole tree saws. As for the fold-away pruning saws, especially, the company has the most varied kinds of models.In addition, the company has come up with enough saw handle designs to satisfy the diverse


Safety & Emergency Supplies
G.KIDA Portable Survival Multi Kit is as small as the palm of the hand and lightweight at 100g. Unlike the existing first aid kits on the market that are heavy, inconvenient to carry, and difficult to respond immediately to emergency situations, this product can be hung outside the bag, so it can be used instantly.G.KIDA kit consists of eight types of disaster supplies, including simple disinfection supplies, LED lamps, luminous sticks, whistle, sugar, rain gear, and ICE cards for identification. The strap to hang the kit has luminous and reflective functions, so it can be attached to

Company To Watch

An Emerging Specialist in Global Radar Markets
IUPLUS Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a globally emerging company in the radar sensors market. The company is currently about to release its cutting-edge wearable vital sensors, used for monitoring and analyzing body signals. Notably, the company recently started a joint development with several promising companies – in order to develop the applied products with radar ECG sensors for the U-health medical sector and the self-driving vehicle field. We interviewed the CEO for an overall introduction of the company, and its current business strategy

Industry Trends

Korea’s LS Cable & System Wins Huge Orders for Taiwan’s Submarine Cable Projects
LS Cable & System has recently received consecutive orders for large-scale submarine cable projects in Taiwan.The cable provider recently announced that it was selected as a preferred bidder for a project worth KRW 200 billion by CDWE (CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering), an offshore wind-power construction company, and would supply submarine cables to an offshore wind-power complex in Hai Long, Taiwan by 2025.The company has won all rights to provide high-voltage submarine cables for the Taiwanese offshore wind-power complex project and the total

Exhibition Preview

‘Seoul Mobility Show’ Replaces Seoul Motor Show in Line with E-Mobility and Self-Driving
‘Seoul Motor Show’, the largest general automobile exhibition in Korea, is to be rebranded as the ‘Seoul Mobility Show’ in line with the trend of e-mobility and self-driving.The Organizing Committee of Seoul Motor Show recently held a meeting at the Automobile Center in Seocho-gu, Seoul, and decided to change the name to Seoul Mobility Show.The Organizing Committee that consists of the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA), the Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association (KAIDA), and the Korea Auto Industries Coop. Association (KAICA)

Tourist Attractions

Five Ways to Enjoy Seoul Forest
Seoul Forest, located in the middle of the metropolis, is a natural space where you can enjoy the charms of both a forest and the Hangang River. Originally the royal hunting grounds during the Joseon period, the land was used for a golf course and horse race track before being converted into the current park in 2005. The park offers many ways to enjoy a relaxing time here through all four seasons!Seoul Forest is beautiful in all four seasons, with cherry blossoms and tulips in spring, hydrangeas and poppies in summer, and cosmos in fall! The most popular photo
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