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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 568

New & Hot

Eco-Friendly Illite Heating Products
SUMOKTO ILLITE Cushion Pad has been developed by using specialized functions of the clay mineral Illite such as far-infrared radiation, antibacterial action, adsorption of toxic gas, and deodorization. It is a ceramic product made 100% of illite that releases a huge amount of far-infrared light at 9.4 µm, the same wavelength as the human body. The resonance effect created as result effectively raises body temperature.Using a hot water boiler, the direct effect on electromagnetic waves is reduced, and the pad produced with patented technology is applied according

Cover Story

Portable Toilet
JOEUN LIFT (JL-3000M) was launched after years of research and development to make powered toilet seat lifts that help the disabled or the elderly get up without difficulty and hurting their arms, which was one of the disadvantages of traditional portable toilets.This product not only helps the elderly and the disabled who have mobility problems go to the bathroom, but also reduces the burden of social workers and guardians as well as the elderly and disabled themselves. Joeun Lift not only helps the disabled and the elderly get up easily, but also has a notification

Special Report

Cat Products
Aurorasand Original uses the highest grade super-premium bentonite from Wyoming, USA, and grade-A activated carbon to offer excellent coagulation, absorption, and deodorization power.Using the special technology of come-pattern air wash, 99.9% of dust has been removed through a self-experiment and is UV sterilized. The rounded sand particles protect your cat’s fragile paws, which are prone to injury, and reduce toilet stress with a pleasantly soft touch. Aurorasand Firm reduces the stress of taking care of cats by providing convenience in toilet


Face Mask
Siheon KF-94 Mask, equipped with a quadruple filter including MB filter with an excellent blocking rate, has been proven to block 0.4 of fine particles by more than 94% by a nationally accredited testing institute. Among the four-layer fabrics, the lining that comes into contact with the skin uses a thermal bonding non-woven fabric to minimize skin problems.The inhalation resistance of the face is less than 7.2mmH2O based on the requirements of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which offers a low resistance inside the mask for comfortable breathing. The air leakage


Screen Protectors
Blue light literally means blue-colored light that exists in a wavelength ranging from 380nm to 500nm. When your eyes are exposed to it for a long time, you might suffer from eye fatigue, retinal damage, and insomnia. Waryong’s anti-blue-light technology is able to block blue light up to 95.8%, thus reducing eye fatigue and headache that can be developed when using a computer for a long time while improving quality of sleep. In addition, the technology minimizes the resolution degradation so as to present undistorted clear images and vivid colors.


It is necessary to maintain the proper humidity indoors, because the humidity increases and bacteria and mold multiply easily and cause various diseases such as food poisoning, skin diseases, and allergies. If the outside humidity is high, leaving the windows open can cause the indoor humidity to rise, so on cloudy or rainy days, you need to manage the indoor humidity in a way other than by ventilation. One of the best ways to control the humidity is by turning on the boiler for a while, but it is not as easy as it sounds to even run the boiler in the sweltering heat.

Company To Watch

Radar Sensors
Radar is a detection system that uses radio waves to determine the distance, angle or velocity of objects. Previously radar was used mainly for military purposes, but nowadays it is being used in many sectors of industry. It is now recognized as one of the core future technologies in building smart cities ‒ as confirmed by electro-technology professor Kim Gyeong-tae of Pohang University of Science and Technology, who says that everybody will have their own radar in the future.Established in 2011, IUPLUS INC. is a South Korean company that boasts unrivaled

Tourist Attractions

Five Ways to Enjoy Seoul Forest
Seoul Forest, located in the middle of the metropolis, is a natural space where you can enjoy the charms of both a forest and the Hangang River. Originally the royal hunting grounds during the Joseon period, the land was used for a golf course and horse race track before being converted into the current park in 2005. The park offers many ways to enjoy a relaxing time here through all four seasons! Seoul Forest is beautiful in all four seasons, with cherry blossoms and tulips in spring, hydrangeas and poppies in summer, and cosmos in fall! The most popular photo spots
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