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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 563

New & Hot

Fire Extinguisher
VRILLANTE is an all-weather fire extinguisher that can be used to combat general fires including flammable combustibles, oil fires caused by flammable liquids like oils, gas fires caused by inflammable gas, and electric fires cause by electric leakage.Featuring innovative and elegant design that is differentiated from existing fire extinguishers, this product can even be part of interior decor as it fits well in any home space such as the kitchen, living room, or bedroom.Available in various colors including black, gold, pink, white, and red, it can fit in any

Special Report

Tableware & Lacquer-Mat Products
The Cutting Series is made by using self-developed high-strength materials to offer elegance and the aesthetics of traditional Korean curved lines. Fully hand-carved, this product features typical smooth curves and round shapes, which can be found only in hand-made ceramics. The wavy lines bring a cozy feeling to the table with classy images.The Damma Earthenware Series can be used on a variety of heat sources as it is made by using petalite, which does not expand under heat, a floor design maximizing thermal efficiency, and using earth and glaze that is

Cover Story

Sliding Guardrail [ABSORAIL]
KUKJE ST Co.,Ltd. is a technical innovation company that manufactures and supplies road safety facilities such as guardrail, railing, vehicle protection fences for bridges and footbridges, and has been recognized globally beyond Korea. The company’s quality management system has acquired ISO 9001 certification and is being reviewed for European certification CE.The company has been designated as one of the promising SMEs for export in Korea and has maintained its reputation.Guardrails manufactured by this company are famous for providing the best safety


Beverage Powder & Cup Shake
The beverage powder products produced by Orange People Co., Ltd. include latte powder made with eco-friendly raw materials for premium food and beverages and a superlative beverage powder that can be enjoyed by adding milk.Patented for the first time in Korea, Mascarpone Cheese Powder is a product to make various items such as cheese latte, cheesecake, cheese ice cream, shaved ice, cookies, and smoothies.Made of Jeju Island’s best-quality green tea, Green Tea Latte Powder is an agricultural product containing healthy elements of

Company To Watch

Opening New Horizons in the Global Golf Items Market
I started a business in 2017 with a co-worker upon sensing a fascination with rangefinders, the result of technological integration in the field of IT golf items, and utilizing a few years of experience with in-house ventures in golfzone distribution.RNDUS is an abbreviation of “RND with US,” which means “Let’s do RND with us.”Despite a small number of staffs, I could fortunately make a venture registration and establish a research institute, suggesting a new vision in golf goods markets both in Korea and overseas markets.Our key export item is the golf

Exhibition Preview

RailLog Korea Returns for its Landmark 10th Edition in June 2021
The 10th edition of RailLog Korea, the international trade fair for railway technology, infrastructure and logistics, will take place from June 16 to 19, 2021 at the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO), in Busan, South Korea. The 10th edition will assemble advanced equipment from global players across an expanded exhibition space, including parts and components, rolling stock and logistics technology.Achieving growth of 88% since its first edition in 2013, RailLog Korea is on track to continue its positive momentum. Mr. Yong-Joon Jin, Managing

Tourist Attractions

Korea’s Beautiful Script, Hangeul
October 9 of every year holds a very special place in the hearts of Koreans; it is the birthday of Hangeul, the native Korean alphabet. The Korean alphabet is unique in that it is the only writing system in the world about which both the creation date and creator are known. Before the invention of Hangeul, Chinese characters called “hanja” were used in Korea. However, hanja was difficult to learn, especially for people of lower social status with little to no access to education, and this led to rampant illiteracy throughout the country.In order to resolve the
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