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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 560

New & Hot

Waste Heat Recovery Generators
Established in 1991, Duk Young Engineering Co., Ltd. has been professionally providing total engineering service in powder and bulk material handling such as storage, transportation, measuring, feeding, mixing, etc.With more than 20 years Knowhow, DYECO has been succeeding in “Turn-Key Project” of overall industries (food, chemicals, electronic materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, Cements, etc.). Furthermore, DYECO manufactures equipment and component regarding powder and bulk material handling such as pneumatic conveyors, valves, etc.

Cover Story

Medical & Aesthetic Products
CENSIL L-Ascorbic acid 30% w/v Topical serum is made with ATDS, a U.S.-based globally patented technology that enables Vit C ingredient to penetrate well into the skin. Thanks to the special amphiphilic solvent, high content of pure Vit C can be absorbed into both the water layer and the fat layer of the skin. It provides excellent skin tone brightness and firming effect within a short period after application. BLANDICE Fill & Feel is a pyramid-shaped microneedle patch, made of 100% cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, and was developed to provide anti-wrinkle


Medical Material
Jig Gel is a light cure composite-resin for all types of patterns. This material makes implant jig easy, and frees the conventional resin powder from the way it is added countless times to the implant abutment by absorbing it into the solution using a brush.Jig Gel is a photopolymerization resin made by injection, which shortens working time, does not smell or require polishing. It is also low-priced and easy to use and operate, so even beginners can use it easily.ZEUS has adopted 13 colors of VITA that is widely used in dentistry, and the Block Preshade with

Company To Watch

EV Chargers & Charging Stations
The electric vehicle charger by the Korean company ecarPlug Co., Ltd. is the world’s first new-concept electric vehicle charger that controls, charges, and even pays with user’s smartphones. It is a unique brand that enables users to directly control EVs and pay charging fees by using smartphones. Having envisioned that a cost-effective, but feature-rich EV charging station would contribute to expanding the EV charging infrastructure, ecarPlug developed the world’s first smartphone controlled EV charging stations − replacing the user interface built in the commercial

Special Report

Micro-Adjustment Sizing Baby Carrier
Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier is the 1st dial and lace based micro-adjustment baby carrier in the world powered by BOA Technology. It is developed for parents who want to hold their baby in more convenient and healthier ways by using an innovative adjustment system and lightweight materials. It is equipped with top-grade buckles and zippers for a baby’s safety, consisting of water and dirt-resistant fabric, and featuring an ergonomic design to maintain a C-shape for supporting the baby’s back and an M-shape to fit the baby’s pelvis, and dual structured

Exhibition Preview

Toward Becoming One of the Global Major EV Exhibitions Contributing to the Sustainable Global EV Industry
The 8th International Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE) is scheduled to be held from May 4~7 in Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.The exhibition’s organizing committee is preparing the exhibition as a program through which all people in both the private and public sectors can foresee the future industry ecosystem of global eco-friendly vehicles, and prepare for responding to the energy transition and the carbon neutral era.It is noteworthy that the so-called “Virtual Exhibition,” through which viewers will be able to watch various product line-ups in cyber

Tourist Attractions

Spring Blossom Paths in Seoul
With the arrival of spring come beautiful blooming flowers, including cherry blossoms, forsythias, and azaleas. Even in Seoul, a large city filled with skyscrapers and cars, there are places to enjoy the sight and scent of spring blossoms. If you are eager to discover a different side of Seoul, visit some of the following parks to be greeted by blossoming spring flowers. Recognized as one of Seoul’s premium city parks, a magnificent sight of giant cherry blossom trees can be found at Seoul Forest. Visitors to the park are welcome to enjoy a light walk or a picnic under
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