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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 557

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Water Chiller
After it started a freezer equipment business in 1985, DAEHO COOLER Co., Ltd. became a professional refrigerator manufacturing company in 1993. Since its transformation, the company has been accumulating a vast amount of experience in providing excellent service and gathering many references for installing refrigerators.DAEHO COOLER offers various refrigerator models, and all of them are highly durable, can precisely control the temperature and are highly efficient.The products of DAEHO COOLER guarantee energy reduction and low electricity

Cover Story

Recycled Polyester Fiber
The global waste management market is growing rapidly each year. Given the annual growth rate of 92%, the market turnover is expected to reach about US$300 billion by 2020. The Pacific region, in particular, sees its growth rate almost at 15.8%, emerging as the center of waste management business.Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber is made using PET bottled water bottles and PET cosmetic bottles collected and cleansed by the recycling company that sends them to a crushing or processing company to process them into PET chips to make them reusable.

2020 G-Fair Korea

Water Flosser
Waterloo Direct Water Type Oral Irrigator is designed and produced in Korea. It cleans all corners of the mouth where a toothbrush cannot reach by spraying water After brushing the teeth, it gets rid of bad breath and toothpaste residue. It is also a multifunctional product that helps improve oral health with the effect of gum massage.The green water filter, inserted into the distributor connected to the water supply in two stages, allows one to rinse the teeth with purified water and wash the face, while the ultra-fine sprinkling plate has a water-saving effect of 30-40%.


Korean Red Ginseng Product
Korean red ginseng is a functional ingredient that can help blood circulation by improving immunity, antioxidation, and memory, as well as alleviating fatigue and inhibiting platelet aggregation.Red ginseng and herbs were boiled together and concentrated to make Farm & Matzzang. It is a Korean red ginseng essence that is made by decocting only the essential raw materials without any artificial additives.Its ingredients are: 100% Korean red ginseng; 12 herbs used to make oriental medicine; and Lingzhi mushroom. Farm & Matzzang concentrated the original ingredients
STB Multimeter
As well as measuring the Set-Top Boxes’(STB) output video, audio and network packets at the same time, STB Multimeter also controls STB to the desired test environment through automatic IR transmit and supply power control.With the built-in powerful scripting tool, STB Multimeter can perform multiple tests simultaneously and can automate test case based BMT.STB Multimeter can be adopted not only for STB UI/function testing, but also for monitoring IPTV service 24/7 or STB software/hardware QA.STB Multimeter enables endless STB testing and IPTV service
Refrigerating & Air-conditioning Equipment
Since its establishment in 1989, Weltem Co., Ltd. has made every endeavor to enhance the competitiveness of the refrigerating and air-conditioning equipment sector based on technology and know-how accumulated over the past 32 years, and to secure a domestic and international competitive edge through continuous technology development.Weltem’s flagship product is the portable air-conditioner. Its most remarkable feature is its ease of moving and installing, and focused air-conditioning in a limited space. In the event of a need for focused air-conditioning


Bathroom Ware
POSEION BT100 is a 3rd-generation, new-concept showerhead equipped with the world’s only reverse rotating magnetized filter. It magnetizes general tap water to transform it into magnetized ionized water that is is the most friendly for the human body.This multifunctional showerhead saves water and increases water pressure by using a micro plate, and even purifies water through a sediment filter.Unlike existing showerheads, it is equipped with a strong performance of magnetized water thanks to the improved performance of the filter.It is the first of its kind to adopt


Korea’s Certified Trading Companies Expanding into Global Markets
The Certified Trading Company system, launched by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2014, refers to the companies with excellent export capabilities designated to develop new markets, discover new products, and expand exports of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is designed to help companies starting export business that lack experience and overseas networks to diversify export markets and find foreign buyers by providing export agency services.The Certified Trading Company system began as a private enterprise system introduced
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