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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 556

New & Hot

Hair Care Brand
K1-CURE is a professional scalp and anti-hair loss care brand. Providing several nutrients that stimulate the cycle of hair growth cell activation, it allows the customer to feel the difference by using it systematically. K1-CURE Scalp Shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes to minimize dry, flaky skin build-up on the scalp. K1-CURE scalp Shampoo is combined with Biotin and peptides to purify and fortify hair follicles, while providing soothing Hyaluronic acid, Zinc-Pyrithione, Nicotin Acid Amide and Salicylic Acid that help relieve the discomfort of scalp

Special Report

Power Conversion System
Since its establishment, G-PHILOS has been on the right path to realize its vision of becoming a global leader in the development and manufacturing of power conversion systems applied in the renewable energy fields. Believing that the continued competitiveness of the future renewable energy industry will be provided by the quality of the power conversion, GPHILOS puts all efforts into research to make sure that the developed and manufactured power-converting devices are highly efficient.GPHILOS has been striving to lead the renewable energy


Facial Masks
Unlike other mask packs that simply deliver the essence to reinforce moisture for a short while, Derm all Matrix maintains and balances moisture in the skin. It prevents drying for sufficient hours so that the absorbed essence can fully penetrate the dermal layer and maintain moisture in the skin.Derm all Matrix Facial Dermal-care Mask is an overnight pack that maintains moisture in the skin even during sleep, by its amazing effect of the extracellular material (ECM) that resembles the skin tissue and its moisture delivery control technology that maintains moisture hour after hour.
UV Sterilizer
BECSY UV sterilizer by BITEL CO., LTD. is a useful product that can sterilize goods, wherever and whenever.UV C rays with strong sterilizing power emitted from the UV LED quickly kill germs and viruses on the surface of a product. The UV LED can be used semi-permanently, and it is eco-friendly because it does not use mercury like the conventional UV lamps do.Also, when its cover is opened during operation, it will be detected by its sensor, and operation will be stopped to assure the safety of the user.This product is small, light, and has a built-in rechargeable
Clear Canoe
Hannam Total Marine is an underwater leisure service company that has devoted 40 years of experience and accumulated technology to the marine leisure industry.It also has the industry’s best technology and productivity, which has established a transparent information system in the development and mass-production of high-tech products through continuous research and development, and exports its transparent series of products to 12 countries.Transparent canoes, from the company,are made of special polycarbonate materials that are durable

Tourist Attractions

Experience Jeju at a Leisurely Pace
IOne of the main reasons people go on vacation is to get rid of stress. The stress-relieving powers of simple things such as enjoying a good meal or buying some new shoes are amplified when on vacation! Everything tastes better and looks better, even your home. Jeju Island is the perfect place to relax, with a natural environment, delicious local foods, and unique shopping opportunities. Set out now for your very own stress-relieving trip to Jeju-do!There are a number of smaller islands around Jeju, including Udo and Marado Islands. These days, Gapado Island, the fourth
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