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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 555

New & Hot

UV Printing Machine
The UV printing machine (model: UVP-120), manufactured by Changsung Softgel System Ltd., provides 120,000 capsule printing per hour. This printer can be used whether the capsule is dry or not. This printer can print out without restriction by the size and shape of its capsule without additional tools or zig changes. It can print out any movable types or logos.Since it does not use ink containing raw animal by-products, it is suitable for customers who do not use such ingredients for moral or religious reasons.Since its foundation in 1972

2020 G-Fair Korea

Multipurpose Antibacterial Film
FUNGKEL Multi Smart Sterilizer Sterilizer is a portable sterilizer that can be used for more than 400 minutes (up to 40 times) continuously when charging with a USB C-type connector. Providing about eight times stronger sterilizing power than existing products, it can sterilize two masks, three toothbrushes, and mobile phones at the same time using a mask hanger, and it automatically shuts down after ten minutes of operation. Inside the sterilizer is equipped with a breathing care sterilization room (anion emission)


Recyclable Eco-Friendly Artifi cial Turf
Etudeum is an old Korean word that combines “the best” and “tree.” This product prevents stains in the gap between the ground and the lower layer of artificial turf, removes foul odor from the gap, and it is an eco-friendly product that prevents generation of heat by suppressing the rise of surface temperature caused by sunlight.Designed in a pumping structure that consists of a mono-type pad layer that solves the issue of ventilation and cushioning the lawn layer and the filling material, Etudeum
Fuel Saver
In 2020, JuaBit Company is launching “Power Save Plus,” the new version of ‘Power Saver.’ It integrates all the results from its decade-long R&D and market experience to save fuel and to computerize automobiles.For fuel saving, its technology to regenerate/restore automobile batteries has been proved by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, patent number 10-1172273 (Fuel saver and how it works).For computerization added to its technology in ‘Power Saver,’ prevention of battery
Automatic Parking System
Shin Woo UBiCos is a company recognized in the Republic of Korea for helping to resolve parking problems with its various parking system models.Based on its accumulated experience, the company upgrades the quality of a building with its built-in parking systems.Shin Woo UBiCos’s vertical-type parking system maximizes space usage efficiency because 76 cars can be parked in three parking areas using the system. A lifting speed of up to 125m/min. shortens our operation time for

Company to Watch

An Emerging Leader in Semiconductor Chip Inspection
CSE, established in August 1999, is a company specialized in servicing, modification and refurbishment of those used one in manual, semi-automatic, full automatic 6”, 8” and 12” Wafer, Probe, Tester and GSI Lumonics Laser Marking among semi-conductor test equipment.As much as 60~70% of manufactured products are being exported. Currently new equipment is under development and these items will be extended to testers and handlers, and whole process equipment. Besides, we ae now

Tourist Attractions

Experience Jeju at a Leisurely Pace
IOne of the main reasons people go on vacation is to get rid of stress. The stress-relieving powers of simple things such as enjoying a good meal or buying some new shoes are amplified when on vacation! Everything tastes better and looks better, even your home. Jeju Island is the perfect place to relax, with a natural environment, delicious local foods, and unique shopping opportunities. Set out now for your very own stress-relieving trip to Jeju-do! There are a number of smaller islands around Jeju
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