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Korea Buyers Guide e-Newletter Issue No. 552

New & Hot

High-performance Inverter
Sensor-less vector control equipped with constant torque can be applied to applications available for power operation. This inverter realizes simple sequence operation.It has a simple structure with removable cooling fan, smoothing capacitor, and a control terminal.Automatic operation for accelerating the load situations such as cranes or conveyors is also possible.It is very easy to maintain this product. As it consists of parts guaranteeing longer life, ten years of life in design is realized.The life of this product can be further extended by the on/off control of the cooling fan.

Cover Story

Black Rice Fermented Ampoule
Since old days, black rice has been provided only to the nobles with the permission of kings or emperors in China and some Asian countries. While being considered a rare ingredient, black rice contains a variety of ingredients that are good for disease prevention such as antioxidants and ingredients preventing cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The rice bran fermented ampoule produced by Quorum Bio Healthcare Co, Ltd. has been developed to provide such health benefits based on the fact that rice bran contains plenty of skin-improving ingredients, by using “solid ionized


Hydrogen Water Generator
P200 is hydrogen water infused with dissolved hydrogen gas (H²), which is similar to carbonated water since the dissolved gas is carbon dioxide. Hydrogen water also has health benefits by functioning as an antioxidant, reducing inflammation and risks of metabolic syndrome, providing neuroprotection for various diseases, as well as reducing side effects associated with cancer radiation treatment. H² is an odorless gas, so P200 is tasteless. Hydrogen water is water with dissolved hydrogen gas (H2) similar to carbonated water in which the dissolved gas is carbon dioxide.

Company to Watch

Manufacturing the World’s Highest-Level Geared Motors
Based on our determination to manufacture the world’s best geared motors, GGM has grown steadily into a strong enterprise that has a small but important presence on the global stage; and our company has been recognized as a Global Hidden Champion by the Small and Medium Business Administration for its success in supplying geared motors with low noise, high efficiency, high strength and price competitiveness both domestically and globally (50 countries all over the world), thanks to our continuous technical developments and sound investments.The geared motor is

Industry Trends

Samsung targeting No. 1 maker in global NAND market, following its prior position in D RAM market
Samsung Electronics, which recently released its plan to inject no less than KRW 8 trillion into its new NAND flash production line, turned out to have a plan to become a company that overcomes its global rivals in building more global NAND production facilities from this year to next year.Taking advantage of the likelihood of global competitors’ falling behind in their investments due to the Corona virus, Samsung Electronics expects to become the global No. 1 maker in the NAND market through its large-scale investment and swift response to the potential increase of

Tourist Attractions

Korea’s Best-kept Secrets: Trending Roads
IItaewon, while known for its multiculturalism, is not considered one of the trendiest places in Seoul. However, from this unlikely source came some of Korea’s up-and-coming trendy streets, all following in the footsteps of Gyeongnidan-gil Road. Located along a narrow side street of Itaewon, this road is lined with small cafés, international eateries, unique accessory shops, and more. At Gyeongnidan-gil Road, and the streets that have followed suite across the nation, the sum is worth more than its parts. Check out these trendy roads wherever they fit into your travel itinerary.


KCAB’s Growing Efforts toward Becoming An Arbitration Leader in Northeast Asia
Most global trade companies face potential risks of trade conflicts among themselves amid the deepening dependence on trade in this global economic era. Moreover, as more cases of global trade conflicts are emerging through the damage caused by the global spread of COVID-19, finding solutions for such trade conflicts seem to be an urgent challenge. In line with this global situation, I conducted an interview with Lee Ho-won, the president of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB), to discuss possible solutions to overcome this current situation
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