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Products Recommended by SMBA

Among numerous contributors, small- and medium-sized enterprises’- which have been played pivotal roles in the national economy accounting for 99.9% of all enterprises (3 million SMEs), 87.7% of all employees (10.8 million employees), and 47.6% of production - contributions for the outcome deserve to be especially esteemed in spite of their comparatively low ratio of entire performance compared to many conglomerates including Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, etc.

With their independent consistent utmost efforts for expanding their presence in the global market and favorable export conditions mainly by FTAs made with South Korea, Korean SMEs are witnessed slightly expanded volume of export to foreign markets amid global recession in consumption - especially in the area of automotive parts.

South Korean SMEs are played their importing role for the performance through directly exporting their flagship export items to global market and helping export of the finished goods of the larger-sized Korean enterprises by supplying parts products to them.

There is remarkable government-level policy behind SMEs’apparent contribution to the nation’s such stride. The Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) executed a policy that is designed with an aim to help strengthen the export capacity of South Korean SMEs. This policy is focused on boosting the gradual increase of SMBs’ export volume by supplying various kinds of specific services promoting exports of SMEs including education, design, global market information supply, marketing, market research, strategy consulting, global brand development, etc.

Under this support policy, last year, more than 1,600 Korean SMEs could enjoy direct and indirect effect in expanding their presence in global markets through being intensively, frequently, effectively, and strategically exposed to global business partners by supported export-boosting services.

For contributing to the further increase of the global presence of those selected items in 2013 again, Korea Buyers Guide covers 50 companies’products based upon their comparatively superior quality among more than 1,600 companies’ items.


Yodel is one of the most well-known uniform companies in Korea as well as in the international market.



adhesives and silicone sealants


Korea’s Best Provider for Building Stones

In old days, stones were used as the most ideal material for building. We can still witness ancient stone-made structures, for example, in Greece. Today, architects and designers apply their idiosyncratic characteristics to shape various types of stones for construction use. And SEJIN, a stone supplier, is taking care of the construction industry in Korea.

Professional Maker for Green House Curtain

We all are quite familiar with greenhouses. They are artificial structures made of plastic or glass roof and walls. By controlling and optimizing environmental conditions, farmers can grow target plants well. In order to effectively manipulate the inner temperature, they need to either cover or uncover in part or the whole house. With green curtains, the task might come easy.

Set Sail with Intelligent Autopilot

An aircraft or ship needs someone who is in charge. He or she has to pay continuous attention to the operation in order to fly or sail safely until its destination. This requires a large amount of effort and subsequently raises stress levels for pilots. To resolve the situation, they began installing an autopilot system that can automatically control an aircraft or a ship without one single human being assisting it. As a result, it has greatly reduced the stress level of human pilots. Korea’s APS is one of those who are behind the contribution to reducing such stress levels.

PCM (Phase-Change Material) Solutions

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in the United States had to protect people and instruments from extreme temperatures in space. So it developed a new material called “PCM (Phase-Change Material).” This material changes its property by changing from solid to liquid or vice versa while saving, releasing or absorbing heat. Simply, it loses heat when it becomes solid, and takes in heat when a liquid state. This unique feature leads to a wide variety of applications besides the space project, and EST (Energy Solution Technology) knows better than anyone else.

Next Generation Display

At some point, CRT monitors faced demise. Soon, flat display panels which use the light modulating properties of liquid crystals appeared. These LCD monitors weigh less and are considered to be more safe and energy-efficient; heavy and inefficient CRT displays had to retire. Until now, the LCD technology has come far with such advantages. And Korea’ MAGIC NARA is poised to add more values for the better.

Baby Potty

Released by Korea-based Glovics, the BungBungi Potty is ideally designed to help toddler with potty training. However, the usage of the versatile chair is not limited to potty training. At other times, your toddler can take a seat and play on this specially designed funny chair.

Spandex Fabrics

Innature Co., Ltd., established in 2007, specializes in manufacturing functional spandex fabrics, which have been spotlighted as a fabric for various sports like mountain climbing, horse riding, marathon, marine leisure and more. In line with the increasing the demands of the outdoor wear industry, Innature supplies top-quality spandex fabrics to leading brands such Kolon Sports, K2, Black Yak, Monte Bell, Eider, Lafuma, Columbia, and many more. The company’s spandex fabric for alpine pants ensures both functionality and support for activeness and comfort.

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