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New Excellent Product (NEP) Certification for Innovative Technology

The New Excellent Product (NEP) certification is a program designed to evaluate newly developed products using innovative technology and certifies the nation’s top products in order to encourage technology development and help companies commercialize and market high-quality techno-centric products.

As Korea entered the 1970s, the nation began to invest heavily in heavy and chemical industries in order to boost its national industrial structure.

This effort paid off in the 1980s with remarkable growth in the machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, electronics, steel and petrochemical industries.

While this rapid growth greatly expanded the external economic scale of the nation, it also led to a rise in technology imports from industrialized nations around the world. As a result, a large part of the foreign exchange painstakingly earned through exports flowed out as royalty payments.

In order to alleviate this chronic pressure on the national trade balance and achieve technological independence, the government began exploring ways to localize capital goods including machines, parts and materials.

As a part of these efforts, the government discovered a new way of certifying new technology in order to assuage lingering distrust of Korean products and technologies.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (today’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy) spearheaded this program for certifying new products and technologies, followed by separate programs by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information-Communication, Ministry of Construction and Transportation, and the Ministry of Environment.

Digital Welding Bead Measuring Instrument

Ever since its establishment in 2000, Gyeongnam Province-based Robot Valley has become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers specialized in manufacturing various kinds of cutting-edge intelligent robots aimed at the manufacturing fields.

Belt Conveyor Peripherals

Lautec manufactures high-quality belt conveyor peripherals such as belt cleaners, motorbases, etc. and factory automation systems based upon its accumulated technology and experience. Lautec’s belt cleaner is used as cleaning equipment delivering various things including many of the materials generated at such industrial sites as cement factories, mines, mills, thermal power plants, etc.

Autrol Smart Transmitter

Duon System has successfully been carried out more than 70 projects regarding DCS(Distribution Control System) since 1989. After launching brand name “Autrol”, the unremitted efforts of the company mainly focused on developing smart transmitters with its own technology, which is core part of field instruments.

Eco-Friendly Insulating Oil

Dong Nam Petroleum is the largest manufacturer of insulating oil in Korea. In order to basically overcome the environmental problems of electric insulation oil used for a transformer, biological insulation oil is generally used in advanced countries by overcoming the physical properties of biological oil.

On-line Turbidity Analyzer

Founded in 1982, Daeyoon Scale Industrial has specialized in manufacturing electrochemical sensors and industrial measuring instruments contributing a great deal to the development of the domestic measurement industry based on over 31 years of its strict inspection system.

Digital Fault Recorder

Procom has led the development of Power System Monitoring & Diagnosis system in Korean since its establishment in 1985. Procom’s digital fault recorder(PSDM-TS) is a dynamic monitoring system, producing information in an accessible format to enable direct action to be taken, sometimes even before a potential problem becomes a reality.

Application Delivery Controller

Established in 2000, Seoul-based PIOLINK, with application networking and web security technology, has been devoted to the development of Korean IT infrastructure.

Magic VT Book Scanner

Tamtus has been specializing in digital equipment for education and business including document cameras, book scanners, interactive whiteboards, classroom podiums, wireless audio systems, book lights, etc. since its establishment in 2005, growing into one of the small but strong ventures equipped with market-leading innovative technology in Korea.

Next-generation Business Solution

Founded in 2000, EZNIX has been providing ground-breaking company messenger systems since its foundations in 2000. Currently, EZNIX is commanding the domestic market with its recently released solution called “EzQ Messenger.” The business messenger EzQ Messenger supports not only optimized function but also fulfills the role of unified platforms in company communication with organic connection with other systems.

Portable Multi Gases Detector

As a medium-sized but strong venture in competitive technology level of various industrial gas safety equipment and system including various types of portable gas detectors, Senko recently succeeded in releasing its new version of so-called portable multi gases detector, marketed under the brand of “SP12C7.”

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