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S. Korea's Leading Machinery Players to Capture the Spotlight At Hannover Messe 2012

More than 60 S. Korean industrial machinery companies are targeting the impending Hannover Messe 2012, to be held from
April 23 through 27, in Hannover, Germany. Korean-made cutting-edge industrial machinery solutions employing the very
latest technology and designs for highest efficiency in their detailed fields will be unveiled at the Korean pavilion covering
336sqm a competing with those of over 6,500 businesses from 65 countries.

Among the energetic Korean exhibitors, Incheon-based Sung Hun Co, Ltd. has prepared its flagship product line-ups
including various highest-class universal joints with affordable prices and best quality design. Dong Bo Chain, a local
pioneer in the local chain industry, is also a strong player that will again ambitiously promote its flagship product, the marine
diesel engine chain that is normally attached to engines of various types of vessels and rotates the camshaft axis.

The Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI) has strategically gathered and supported the nation’s small and
medium-sized companies equipped with globally leading technology in the fields of exhibit areas Industrial
Automation, Industrial Supply, Energy, CoilTechnica, MobileTec, Industrial GreenTec, Digital Factory, and Research &
Technology for strategically making use of the world’s foremost fair in industrial machinery and related fields a suitable
venue for Korean makers to take invaluable business opportunities, in cooperation with the Korean Ministry of Knowledge
Economy and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Korea Industrial
Technology Foundation (KOTEF).

South Korea’s five major machinery industries are expected to grow in exports, boosted by the effects of FTAs and the
nation’s aggressive drive for global markets - exports of five major machinery industries will grow 11.5 percent this year to
$194.1 billion with production increasing by 8% to $438 trillion won ($376.2 billion), according to data released by the nation’s
trade association.

Like the last year’s forecast by the Korean Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI), the production of the nation’s five
major industries, which include general and precision machinery, is largely being led by emerging global markets despite a
recession in advanced countries, even though they saw a downturn in the first half of this year - but, slow recovery in the
second half is expected to start to gain pace

Dyeing Machine

Dong-A DYEING MACHINERY has been strongly committed to developing of dyeing and finishing textile machinery, becoming one of the leading local companies providing various line-ups of technology-oriented machines and value-added services.

Marine Diesel Engine Chains

Dong Bo Chain Ind. Co., a pioneer in the local chain industry, has constantly diversified its product line-ups.

Industrial diamond wheels and PCD/PCBN cutting tools

The wide array of industrial super abrasive tools made by EHWA offers superior quality and customer value in a wide variety of modern industries ranging from classic small shops to high-tech industrial sectors like the semiconductor industry.

Conveyor Rollers

Daeyang Rollent Co., one of the leading Korean companies engaged in the conveyor roller field, has delivered its flagship industrial rollers to local companies that dominate the local industrial fields of conveyor systems, factory automation, mining, construction and cements.

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