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Busan Economic Promotion Agency, Leading Partner of SMEs and Retailers in Busan!

Busan Economic Promotion Agency (BEPA) is an organization established by the Small & Medium Business Administration of Busan Metropolitan City with an aim of providing comprehensive support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Busan.

As a reliable partner of enterprises, the BEPA offers one-stop services for corporate management activities and various services to small & medium-sized businesses and retailers in Busan. The organization intends to enhance the globally competitive edge of companies by providing comprehensive services such as financial support, marketing and management counseling and various other aid programs.

As part of such supporting services, BEPA provides aid in relieving the financial burden of management funding for small & medium-sized businesses in Busan. Furthermore, BEPA helps companies to explore new markets at home and abroad by implementing a range of active marketing activities to assist promising Busan-based enterprises to gear up for the upcoming FTA era.

Moreover, the main responsibilities of BEPA include support for start-ups and fostering the knowledge-based service industry.
To this end, BEPA offers various support programs for starting new business, such as the Young Business Foundation Support Center that BEPA operates to stimulate the creation of new start-ups and new job opportunities.

BEPA also operates the Footwear Industrial Promotion Center that performs various support projects in a bid to nurture the footwear industry into one of growth engines of the Busan economy as well as the Busan International Financial City Promotion Center that performs diverse projects to induce financial institutions into Busan and to promote the city as an international financial hub.

● Busan Economic Promotion Agency (BEPA)

Fl. 3&4, Prime City Building, 702-1, Yeonsan5-dong, Yeonje-gu, Busan, Korea
Tel: (82)1577-0062
Fax: (82-51)600-1800

Heating film (HOT-Film)

Korea Heating Co., Ltd. is a specialized heating film (HOT-Film) manufacturing company, and is striving to produce more eco-friendly and world class safe heating film using its industry-leading manufacturing techniques and equipment. The company fully guarantees the superior quality of its products and we have been accredited with many international certifications such as; UL, CE, GOST, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Protective Sports Gear

GreenWorldSport Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sports protective gear such as protective knee pads, back support rests, gloves and various other gym exercise items.

Ring Skipping Rope

Developed by JR SYSTEM, “Hand Feel” is a brand-new ring-type skipping rope that is designed to allow people to stimulate their palm acupressure and exercise shoulder joints at the same time.

Camping Burner with a Built-in Heating Element and Pot

EcoBurner Korea Co., Ltd. has launched and marketed an innovative burner integrated with portable pot for camping called “Eco-Burner.” Notably, the Eco-Burner also has a built-in heating element named ‘e-pack,’ which allows people to cook any dishes easily without using gas or power supply during outdoor activities such as climbing, fishing and other leisure activities.

DLC or Ceramic Coating Knives

YSKNIFE Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing a full range of knives. Its best-selling items are DLC or ceramic coating knives. Particularly, Khannif are the DLC coating knives from YSKNIFE, which are incredibly sharp by using the Flat Grinding method, which is recognized as the most advanced grinding technology.

Skin-care Device & Massager

Solar Korea has developed and produced medical equipment for health and beauty-care uses for 20 years. With certification of FDA, CE, HYGIENIC and PCT, it exports to the U.S.A., Germany and Russia.

Food Waste Disposer & Halogen Bio-infrared Rays Oven

Baro Clean is an innovative food waste disposer that provides perfect decomposition by using the micro organism for fermentation. It can handle up to 90% of food waste within 24 hours.

Electromagnetic Wave Shield Apron

In their daily lives, most people are exposed to the harmful electromagnetic waves projected by the electrical products such as computer monitors, cellular phones, electronic game devices, electric blankets, electric heaters etc.

Cushion Blanket

Love of Zelkova Co., Ltd. specializes in producing automotive and travel accessories, including car cushions, knee blankets, travel sets, toiletry bags and so on. The company will continue to develop various new products and, design cushion blankets, knee blankets and dyed blankets in many colors for customers to choose from.

Beauty Shower Towel

Bum Yang Industry specializes in beauty-care items such as bath towels, beauty shower towels, nickel callus removers and skin-care soaps. Bum Yang Industry has recently developed and marketed a bathing towel that anybody can use to scrub off or get rid of dead skin cells without using too much energy or damaging the skin.

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