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KOTRA Seal of Excellence

Automated Photovoltaic Tabbing Machine

Wooil Hightech not only supplies equipment for Wet and Gas Processes (Utility lines) along with components such as Flowmeters, Valves and Regulators of the semiconductor field, but also contributes to the environmental field by supplying related equipment such as VOC, PFC, and solar module equipment for renewable energy.

Magic Grating (Steel Grating)

This non-slip magic grating is one of the most conspicuous features in design to improve embossment. Outstanding sliding prevention performance against raining and snowing and even ice-bound seasons is ensured.

Single line Injection Epoxy Pump

Since its establishment in 1995, Y&K Tech. has contributed a great deal of advancements and production of concrete repair supplies and equipment for the domestic construction industry.

Automatic Brazing Machine

SK Brazing is recognized as one of world's leading companies for brazing and soldering technology and automated systems.

Sintered Parts, Powder-forged Parts

Established in 1979, Sinteron has been regarded as one of most competitive local manufacturers producing sintered parts and Powder Metallurgy (PM)parts.


GumYoung General has been a prominent player in South Korea’s elevator industry since 1996. This maker provides total solutions of manufacturing, maintenance service and modernization of elevators.

Automatic Washing Machine

Fine is a specialty supplier of automotive-manufacturing equipment, environmental wastewater-treatment facilities, and rubber-related new materials.

Electrical Transformer

EL Power Tech is the leader in power and integrated systems, especially renowned in Asia as well as in Korea based on customers’ trust.

Military Expanded Beam Connector Assembly

FOSTEC is a fiber optic components, cables and equipment manufacturer in South Korea. With just a 10-year-history, FOSTEC could expand its market to more than 40 countries and now keeps gaining customer satisfaction thanks to its high quality and affordable prices products and accompanying professional services.

Eutectic Cold Top

Launched in 1991, Jinsung Refrigerator has since then been professionally engaged in manufacturing refrigeration equipment and eutectic cold tops.
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